What smells even more like autumn than Play-Doh? Applesauce cinnamon play dough! To correspond with our Apple-a-Day unit, the kiddos and I mixed up some applesauce and cinnamon this morning and made a few scented ornaments with our pie crust leaf presses and other cookie cutters.

It was easy, and not terribly expensive. Mix equal parts applesauce to cinnamon. We used two cups of each. Our dough was just a wee bit wet, so I threw in another few tablespoons of cinnamon to make it a more workable consistency.

Ready to begin.

A wooden spoon for each…

Making our ornaments…

Some of our creations. Eric made the teddy bear, and I loved how Katie made a heart and then lightly stamped it with the leaf press—so creative. We made all of the initials of our first names (W, S, K, and E), as well as apples and several leaves. I made a hole in the top of each, and we are waiting for them to dry.

The whole house smelled wonderfully of cinnamon all day!

After our ornament project, we had circle time and more apple stories.

This has been a truly lovely Saturday in every respect. We had our morning apple project, and then Katie and I read closer to the end of the 5th Harry Potter while Eric napped. I made a bit of progress in cutting out the fabric for her jumper, and we walked over to my mom’s house to pick some sage for tomorrow’s dinner from her abundant garden. Back home again, we listened to the delightfully fallish sounds of football while preparing dinner: an oven roasted chicken stuffed with oranges and rubbed with a garlic orange peel butter with red onions alongside glazed carrots. We also made and let rise a multigrain harvest bread, which we will bake off to eat warm with dinner. Loveliness. I love this season so much.