What a delightful weekend!

On Saturday the kiddos, my mom, and I took a walking history tour of Old Town Temecula. I would recommend this tour to all Temeculans, as well as to visitors. Our local history is so rich! Parts of the tour made an impression on my almost-four-year-old daughter, as well, and she has wanted to continue discussing some of what she has learned throughout the rest of the weekend. After stopping for lunch in Rosa’s Cantina (one of Katie’s favorite restaurants in Temecula, in fact, she suggested we eat there), we played at the park a by the museum a bit and then came home and prepared for….


We have finished the 5th Harry Potter, and to celebrate we watched The Order of the Phoenix and experimented with making our own version of butterbeer. We found that a combination of butterscotch chips, cream soda, sweetened condensed milk, and a light drizzle of brown butter was quite tasty. Katie liked hers cold, and Eric and I gobbled ours slightly warm and frothy. We felt as though we could have been inside of the Three Broomsticks!

After Eric went down to sleep for the night, Katie and I finished the movie and I worked on hemming the jumper I made her so that she could wear it today for….


(Let the massive amount of pictures begin)!

My mom and Katie walk hand-in-hand to the orchard in Julian. I was happy that Katie was excited to wear her dress today. For many years I have wanted to make a dress for my daughter. My sewing could stand to improve in its precision, but it is wearable—somewhat to my own surprise! I never have really thought of myself as someone who could pull off making clothes, but I have such a love for sewing now that I am beginning to see that making clothes is possible. In fact, putting this pattern together was fairly straightforward, and Katie and I are eager to make another one in more of a winter fabric. Yay!

Katie picks! She picked a whole bag—and then some—by herself! Eric picked most of our second bag. I only picked a few!

The McGaughs

Eric loved this. I kept thinking: last year when we came, he was only one month old, nestled in my Bjorn harness. Now he is a big boy, picking on his own…

Eric looks for apples.

With my two babies

Grandparents and grandchildren. We are all so lucky, that is for sure.

Eric puts his apples into the bag.

Boppa and Eric

Mr. Eric in the orchard

Katie and Mommy

After picking apples, we went into town and had lunch. Then we did a bit of shopping… Katie buys her own cherry lollipop at the candy store. Big girl!

My mom and I also had fun shopping for birthday presents. There is a store in town that sells old-fashioned colored milk glass. Last year, my mom and Boppa were able to buy a present for my birthday while I was browsing in the other part of the store, and it was a surprise on December 28th! This year, I had the idea that I would find a surprise present in the store for my mom’s birthday, which is the 20th of this month. Meanwhile, she had the same idea today for me… So both of us kept asking what the other liked and then trying to generate a pretext for us to be separated in the store (so we could sneakily buy the present). Well, it soon became clear what we were each up to… Long story short, we both liked the same milk-glass piece! And there happened to be two… So I bought one for her, and she bought one for me, each of us knowing… And we are going to wrap them up for each other’s birthday. We like, too, that the present now is also a fun memory and that we will have the same piece in each house to remember this day by. She is lucky that her birthday is coming up so soon! I’ll have to enjoy the piece in her house for a few months!


After a bit more shopping, we ended the day with apple pie and treats at Mom’s.

Katie had a sundae.

Eric and I shared an apple crumb pie—actually, he ate most of it!

This is a still from Bill’s video. Eric LOOOOOOOVED his pie!

This is how to eat pie, Mommy.

When we got home, we had time to set up our new bird feeder. We love having birds in our yard! Boppa treated Eric and Katie to a chart showing all different kinds of California birds. Before reading Harry Potter (6th) tonight, Katie had me identify each and every single bird in the fold-out chart. Her attention to all of them amazed me. This child adores nature and giving things names, that is for sure. She was trying to memorize them, as well, and would point at them and repeat their names. Very cool.

What a beautiful, memorable day!

And guess what?? Tomorrow night is THE HARVEST MOON! Of course we have Harvest Moon Day/Night 2011 planned to celebrate. It is the little things in life that can be the most magical, yes?