We eased into our preschool curriculum this week with an art project and a recipe that is a September tradition for us.

But before we did that, Eric was sweet…and cute:

Most mornings, he likes to take his framed picture of Nana holding him off of his nightstand and study it.

“Where are Nana and Eric?” He points.

Sweet little great-grandson. He sure loves his Nana! It is pretty cute how much he loves to look at this picture of the two of them.

As part of our apple unit, we are trying to make a papier-mâché apple holder. I don’t know if we’ll put pencils in it or something else, but we thought it looked like fun. Katie has never worked with papier-mâché before this, but she really liked it!

Tearing strips of newspaper

Dipping the paper in our starch and flour paste

Covering the balloon

Several times she exclaimed, “This is fun!” and “I love this!”

After a change of clothes and Eric’s nap, we made our annual apple strudel. This is one of our symbolic traditions, especially for my daughter and me. Our special song is “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music, and we sing it nightly, along with the special song Eric and I share. Katie and I sing about “cream colored ponies, and crisp apple strudels/doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles…” We make apple strudel every year in September in honor of our song. I always tell her, as I told her today, “Whenever you hear that line of our song, I want you to remember us making this together, and to know how much I love you, and how glad I am that you are here and my daughter.”

We like to use our apples from Julian, as we did today. Katie and Scooby-Doo put apples into our bowl.

Our preschool day, which included a morning walk, was definitely lower key than they have been lately, but some days we just need a more relaxed rhythm I think. We did make an entry in our nature journal, with pictures: we glued in pictures of our new bird feeder and are writing a daily observation log, to record how many days it takes for our birds to find it.

Tonight is the harvest moon!!! Time to go bake our strudel!