This has been a week filled with a happy hum and bustle. Some of our hours, indeed, were spent with people extremely dear to us, our cherished family and friends.

We celebrated Amie’s birthday on multiple days this week. Parents, especially, and grandparents should be feted with fanfare. Birthdays are a time to honor those we love, and that honoring is of special importance when we think of our elders. I know it is kind of funny for me to be talking about elders—since I am married to someone older than I am, and since so many of my good friends are older than I am—but I don’t think of “elders” as being an age, necessarily, but as people who are our most important teachers and mentors.

We celebrated Amie

My mom’s birthday party

David and Ashley at Mom’s birthday party

Katie helps to make the birthday cake for her Amie every year. Eric happened to be napping this year, but one of these days we’ll involve him in it as well.

We also went to celebrate Amie’s birthday with Nana and Aunt Debbie in Fullerton this week. Happy Birthday, Amie!

On Thursday, my friend and colleague Sandy Huth came over for tea and chatting. I adore Sandy, absolutely. I have often said that, in addition to teaching me about our craft in the classroom, she has been a gentling influence on my life. Sandy is one of those really decent, good people. It had been, in fact, too long since we last saw each other in person. She is a beautiful soul, one that the world is better for having. I am not sure she will ever know how much she means to me, but I consider her to be one of the pivotal people in my life. Catching up with her was such a treat! Katie and Eric just gravitated toward her, as well. Katie has met her a few times, and she wanted to take her upstairs to play princess with her—a sign of true acceptance and attachment in Katie’s world.

On Friday night, Boppa came over early to have a go with the Super-rooter snake machine (or whatever it is called—I kept humming the “Roto-rooter, that’s the name…” song all weekend). I am enamored of this machine. Cleaning out the backyard drains is seriously my new favorite task. Anyone need their drains snaked? It immediately became an addicting process, watching all the roots and sludge and the random Easter egg come out of the drain.The kiddos and I ran back and forth cheering when we saw roots emerging and helping my dad figure out where the snake was going. I love cleaning drains. Who knew? That’s the thing about life: there is always something new to be passionate about, or to learn about. I loved the learning process with this.

Both of the kiddos were very much into this, too. It was hours of entertainment for us, except for today (Sunday), I think it started turning into work for my dad a bit. It was more fun when we were all out there together, but today the kiddos needed some naps, reading, and quiet time. However, on Friday afternoon/evening and Saturday for most of the day, it felt almost like playing.

Saturday morning, we were raring to do at 8:30 AM. The kiddos and I walked down to Starbucks and got my dad some sustenance and a pumpkin latte for me. We put on our work clothes and had a fun misty morning figuring out the drains.

Eric was a good helper, too. He knew we had to run a hose into the drain in order to help the guck wash away. Helpful little man…

I loved this week! So many memories and moments of hearty laughter and time with people we love!