The morning began with a pumpkin spice latte, Halloween t-shirts for both kiddos, and bringing in boxes of October decorations. This year, we had several boxes of Grandpa Yoder’s Halloween decorations, brought to us by my Aunt Diane. So many of these decorations were familiar to us—reminders of that time after Katie’s birth when I left my career and had the chance to visit Great-Grandpa Yoder frequently. I can still picture where some of these decorations were in his house.

Katie and Eric had a blast playing with everything and helping to figure out where it would go.

Eric sits by some of the black cats.

Ghostly new friends; in the back is the black tree, from which we hung small skeletons Boppa gave us.

A plethora of autumn leaves, glass beads, and autumn harvest vegetables and fruits allowed us to make our sideboard cozy.

The sideboard and the dining room table with Grandpa Yoder’s pumpkins.

A new pumpkin scarecrow…

Entryway table

Our autumn wreath with a trio of pumpkins

Harvest flag and our metal pumpkin…

Eric and Bill hung bats up by the wall quilt—the first official piece of decorating Bill has ever done in the house! Looks great, honey!

Katie and I made Mr. Pumpkin two years ago, and he hangs above our kitchen table.

I finished some editing work this afternoon, and then we made pumpkin bread (for breakfast tomorrow) and broccoli soup with grilled ham and cheese sandwiches for dinner. Katie was treated to the 6th Harry Potter film, and after we put Eric to bed, she and I indulged in a caramel apple.

Cozy day and a great weekend!

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