We spent the afternoon visiting with Nana and also, for a short bit, our Great-great-Uncle Ross (Nana’s brother). This time with my elder family members is so precious to me. I know that Katie is old enough now that she will always remember these days, our Nana.

Eric, too, has a growing bond with Nana—I can see that the love they share is part of him. He loves to play peekaboo with her and to hold her cane. When Nana and my mom returned from doing Nana’s weekly marketing, Eric pointed right at Nana and said in his little baby voice, “Hi, Na-na.” Later, saying goodbye, he leaned his head into her for a kiss, and then he took his finger and touched her lips twice and then touched her face with his hand. I know that she will always be a part of both of my children. These are important days, I believe, some of the most significant of their lives. I feel that having a strong connection to ancestors and the family elders, to grandparents and great-grandparents, is extremely valuable in shaping a child and a child’s character, as well as the child’s perception of self and the world. I grew up knowing that my family was truly my rock, and I want that for my children, too. Family is forever.

Greeting Nana in the kitchen

Okay, what follows next is a slew of pictures of Eric at Nana’s piano. This is definitely a classic blogging moment of “doting mommy who cannot choose just a couple, so she will post most of them.” But, that’s the privilege of having my own blog, yes?

Usually after seeing Nana, Eric runs right to the piano. I am impressed that he remembers where it is each the time, because he cannot see it from the kitchen or family room. This tells me, too, that he is already making memories of Nana and Nana’s house. These days are already a part of his heart and imagination.

Is he already working on fingering? Awed mommy notes two-handed, non-pounding, very methodical, different-fingers-on-different-hands approach that Eric employs. Starstruck mother will always be the biggest fan. 😉

The piano makes him very pleased. I think this little guy will want, actually want, piano lessons someday—I think it is part of him.

La la la…

Having fun and singing with mommy.

Lunchtime in Nana’s kitchen! I remember my lunches here as a child…

Warm memories

Thinking about climbing the tree…

Playing in the fountain

Playing chase in Nana’s front yard

I am grateful for this day, and for the love that we all feel at Nana’s house. I want to bathe my children in that glow, so that they always know it.