Toward the end of summer, I start looking forward to planting our October mums. Mums are one of my most favorite flowers, deeply rich in color and smelling of autumn.We love this tradition in our house, and we usually string up white and orange lights at the time of our mum planting, as well. It has been so cozy over the past nights to have the backyard twinkling with white and orange in the trees and around part of the patio cover.

Katie and Eric picked out mums on Friday afternoon.

On Saturday morning, we potted our mums, some in the front and some in the backyard. I love my little helpers.

Katie plants one of the mums she picked out.

Pretty mums!

After planting, the kiddos played with their bat and ball. I love the look of Eric’s joy as he reacts to his sister. They truly have a beautiful connection to each other. They know they are part of each other forever.

We look for roly polies almost daily, and this is one of the spots at which the roly polies congregate.

This weekend seemed to be equal parts work and play, a good balance. We were able to spend part of this afternoon dispatching our remaining apple harvest into a huge batch of apple chutney and an apple crumble pie—which will be frozen until sometime this winter, when we will bring it out and eat it with joyful memories of our September/October days.

One of my favorite products at this time of year is the pumpkin curry sauce from Williams-Sonoma. Oh my goodness, I simmered chicken in it tonight and served it over basmati rice, and the kiddos gobbled it up. I mean, gobbled. I am always thrilled to find something they both eat with the same gusto and big appetite. Anyway, this curry sauce is definitely a fun October treat—I am eager to pick up some more!

This week we are eager to visit the pumpkin farm for the first time this season and to start planning Katie’s birthday celebration! October is so lovely!