As we scurried around this morning getting dressed and having breakfast, Katie and Eric were excited for “Pumpkin Patch Day” as Katie happily called it. We have a local pumpkin patch less than five minutes from our house in Wine Country, and during this fun and cozy season, we play on the farm as much as possible. It has been tradition, too, to take Katie there on her birthday—after all, she is my little Pumpkin Girl, born right before Halloween.

This morning we went to the farm primarily to pet the goats and walk through the corn maze, as well as to play around the pumpkins. Since we plan on going several more times, we will pick out our pumpkins later. The farm has added a gem panning activity this year that we are eager to try, though it runs only in the later afternoon after the school kiddos get out for the day. There are also pony rides, pig races, and a train ride. Katie has never seen the farm at night, all lighted up with the white lights: I want to take her at night at least once this year.

My mom went with us this morning. We had a great time, though it was quite warm, and we’re looking forward to another trip soon.

My mom and her grandchildren

Tremendous pumpkin!

Amie, Katie, and Eric navigate the corn maze

Hi, goat! (And what a neat turkey)!

Walking along the hay bales


With my two pumpkins

Last year, he was just a couple of months old at the pumpkin patch

I am definitely in love with this boy

My mom started the day by surprising us with treats from Godiva! My treat was a set of beautifully adorned pumpkin truffles. Eric and I shared one—yum!

Playing on the John Deere tractor

Eric truly adores goats, ever since he was a wee little guy…takes after me, in this respect. Goats are quite possibly my favorite animal. I wish I could have a goat or two in my own yard.

I spot the Eric hand…can you spot the Eric face?

Beautiful ghost

Amie and Katie feed the goats

Pumpkin June, my October girl

Katie takes Eric for a wild ride on the tractor (see Mr. E in the wooden truck, which is hitched to the tractor).

Oh we love this place!