Yesterday we carved our first pumpkin of the season! We know he won’t last until Halloween, and we do plan to carve our Halloween pumpkins much closer to the holiday. We just thought it would be fun to enjoy a small jack-o-lantern now and also to go through the carving process with our pumpkin nomenclature cards. I purchased these nomenclature cards from The Montessori Print Shop. They are only a few dollars, and I actually found them on sale because I am doing these pumpkin lessons later in the season.

Katie and Eric spoon seeds from their pumpkin. Katie planted some of the seeds, and she kept referencing the life cycle of a pumpkin as she did so. We’ll see what happens.

Mr. Bones, Miss Cupcakes, Mommy, and Pumpkin Jack, all aglow and cozy.

Jammies, each other, candlelight, October…so lovely.

We spent most of today with my dad, who came over around lunch time. He accompanied us on our quest to procure bales of straw. We need the straw for one of the games for Katie’s birthday party, which is going to be her first with her friend group from music class and friends with whom we enjoy frequent play dates. Anyway, I am pretty sure we’ll need the straw…I keep changing my activity/game list every two minutes, it seems! I will definitely finalize it this weekend so that we can spend all of next week getting ready.

So, bales of straw… Turns out, straw differs from hay. I officially learned something today, and now it seems like one of those nuances in vocabulary I should have known all along.

My dad and kiddos and I also went out to Five Guys. Katie loves this place, though we were last there on St. Patrick’s Day this year. Eric discovered the joys of dipping french fries into ketchup, and Katie loved dancing to Aerosmith after she was done eating.

In our travels, my dad needed to pick up something at Ralph’s and encouraged me to be spontaneous and get my flu shot while I was there. I took him up on the opportunity since he could help watch my children. I am not, not a spontaneous person at my core (even though I am often flexible enough to appear so), and it was at the end of the day, and I had on a shirt that was not optimal for arm extraction—but I did it, and now I am relieved to have this yearly task checked off my list. I usually make an appointment, but the pharmacy takes walk-ins…and it turns out, there was no difference in wait time. Maybe spontaneity is a good thing? Hrm…

Last night Katie and I had a “Girls’ Night” as we call it, a night where we “sneak” back downstairs together after lullabies and putting Eric to bed. Basically, “Girls’ Night” is letting her stay up a little past bedtime, have a treat, and one-on-one cuddles with my full attention, no sharing with Brother. Bedtime, shmedtime—sometimes she really needs this. I never forget that, as my first born, she was used to having me all to herself, and I still try to give her a piece of that feeling from time to time because she thrives on it. She is so patient and loving toward her brother the preponderance of the time; every once in awhile she needs to know she is still my special first born Katie. We started watching the film version of the first part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (we fit in just about an hour), ate a bit of chocolate, and wrapped up in blankies on the couch with our twinkle lights sparkling outside. Very cozy. She loved it.

Looking forward to that again tonight!