October always reminds me of my best friend Rosa and her husband Dan. I remember that I first met Dan in October, on a trip to Bates’ Nut Farm:

They also got engaged during October, on Halloween:

And we celebrated Rosa’s wedding season in October, with a harvest themed shower, a bachelorette in Vegas, and Rosa and Dan’s marriage a couple of weeks before Katie’s first birthday:

We stayed at the Bellagio and saw an Ent (behind us).


Bride and bridesmaids

Rosa and Dan’s first dance

So obviously, whenever we’re in October, I always feel their presence very strongly. October really is the month of Rosa and Dan.

They also had a wedding playlist/DJ that ROCKED. Rosa and Dan’s wedding music, FTW. Depeche Mode, New Order, Peter Murphey, Snow Patrol, pretty sure The Cure was in there. One of my favorite songs, though, was their first dance song: Sarah MacLachlan’s “Push.” I have been playing it again lately:

“Every time I look at you the world just melts away/All my troubles all my fears dissolve in your affections/You’ve seen me at my weakest but you take me as I am/And when I fall you offer me a softer place to land/You stay the course you hold the line you keep it all together/You’re the one true thing I know I can believe in/You’re all the things that I desire, you save me, you complete me/You’re the one true thing I know I can believe…”

This is a gorgeous song, and so much of it reminds me how I feel when I am with my family. My one true thing.

On Tuesday we visited Nana, our precious Nana. Our cousins came too, and I loved catching up with them. Nana made egg salad for lunch, and when he saw it, Eric clapped. We also had Katie open Violet and Oliver’s present as well as one of Nana’s present. Katie received the Birthday Barbie from Nana and was thrilled—she has been playing with my old Barbies, and this one is the first one that is her own. Long ago, Nana got me my first Barbie, as well. I still remember which one it is…

One Wednesday, we worked on our Charlotte’s Web project, a good idea I found online. Oh my. Katie did a good job, but this was not the project to take on a few days before her birthday party and before Halloween. I was not the epitome of patience and almost cried when trying to get the web to straighten out, watching the string bunch up. Much of the weaving was too difficult a juggling act for Katie to do on her own—although she kept her good attitude and really tried, bless her. Then I recovered. It all would have been better with a strong glue. Anyway, we did it… Our favorite part was AFTER the web was done, and we got to work on putting the word “Humble” into the center.

Attempting to weave the string around the pipe cleaners.

We used the pipe cleaners to make the letters for “humble.” We also practiced tracing and writing the word “humble” on our white board, and my favorite part of the lesson was talking about the value of being humble and having her rearrange the pipe cleaner letters to spell it out. Barbie got involved as well.

Our web, hanging in the corner of our nook. We took one of Katie’s pig figures and have it and the book displayed together with the web. You might ask what happened to Charlotte. Oh. Well, I had a grey sock ready to go… But after finagling her web, I just couldn’t muster the will to embark upon sewing and making her. Silly, huh? I figured the web embodied her presence. Enough was enough at that point, you know?

This late afternoon, we took in some pumpkin patch time  in the setting sun:

Eric watches the pig races…

Katie watches the pig races…

Pumpkin babies

A ride on Puddin’

Exploring an old Chevrolet

Brother and Sister