We spent most of the post-party day relaxing in our jammies, playing with Katie’s new birthday toys, snuggled together reading in Katie’s bed, and gnoshing on party leftovers. Ah.

In the afternoon, though, we took one more full family trip to the pumpkin patch to find our Halloween pumpkin. We went very late in the afternoon, almost toward evening, as I was hoping to see the strings of lights go on at the farm. The pumpkin patch is so enchanting in the late afternoon, the golden light twinkling on the bales of straw. There also happened to be a bluegrass band playing and—in between sets—making tools. We had a free coupon (found online) for the petting corral, and we also walked the corn maze so Daddy could experience it. Katie saw a man dressed up as a zombie, and it made her night. We took several pictures of Bill with the kiddos, and they really loved this time with their dad. He gave them (and our pumpkin) a wheelbarrow ride all the way to our car as the sun was setting. Magic.

Here is a sampling of pictures:



Playtime with my people. Everything looked like gold.