This morning the kiddos and I began our Halloween celebration with a breakfast of dark hot chocolate and pumpkin bread and a viewing of the 1954 classic “Creature from the Black Lagoon.” Katie liked the film and wanted me to play the role of the creature, grabbing at her ankles.

A little while later we went outside, took a wagon ride around the yard, pumpkin bowled, and danced to some of our Halloween playlist: “Monster Mash,” “Bad Moon Rising,” the Ghostbusters theme, “Zombie” and others.

Then we called Nana to wish her a Happy Halloween and to thank her for Katie’s birthday gifts. Katie loves her children’s sewing machine from Nana, which she has been using with her sewing basket and supplies from us.

Close to naptime, we went upstairs and all snuggled and read in Katie’s bed. Eric got sleepy, and after I put him down, Katie and I ate lunch, finished “Ramona the Pest,” and started on our Lego set of the Hogwarts Castle (from Amie and Boppa).

This is Katie’s first big girl Lego set. We worked on the first package of pieces today. She is growing comfortable with interpreting he schematics, and she loves to build. We take it slowly, and we plan to leave it up on the table for awhile, a work in progress…

Later in the afternoon, we carved our Halloween pumpkin:

Katie said she wanted it to be scary this year, so I did my best! We usually have happy pumpkins around here, so it was fun to try something different!

For dinner, I made our traditional jack-o-lantern quesadillas:

The cheese always gets a little crispy where it peeks through the carved tortilla. We had carrot sticks and peas and chicken with these. Both kiddos ate well, so they were ready for candy!

Costume time!

Eric walked up to the door for his candy, though he wanted his stroller about halfway through our trick or treating. There were a handful of really incredible houses this year, and I feel inspired to “go scary” next year. When she returned to the house, Katie explained to my mom (Mom and Bill stayed at our house to pass out candy) that one of the houses had green lots and scary noises coming from it. My mom asked her if she went up to it and Katie replied, “No, it looked too forbidding.” Thank you, Harry Potter series, for our augmented vocabulary! We did go up to a few scary ones, though, and I was most impressed. I remember those years when my parents went all-out. So fun.

Afterwards, we sorted, checked, and delighted in sampling our candy. On Halloween, for us, there is no limit to the sampling except by the clock and bedtime. Eric tried his first Halloween candy, a Milky Way:

Then it was time for mulled apple cider, warm on the stove, pajamas, cuddles, a couple Halloween storybooks, and bed!

A festive day all around! Happy Halloween to everyone!

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