Now fifteen months old, Eric has been ready for his first haircut for at least a few weeks. I found myself feathering back his the sides of his hair, and he had a bit of the Farrah Fawcet look. So we made an appointment with my mom’s hairstylist, Deena. I love Deena: she worked on our hair for my brother’s wedding. In fact, although my mom has been cutting my hair for several years (I am usually cheap when it comes to my hair, and my mom is very capable), I decided to make an appointment for myself with Deena to have my hair professionally shaped later this month. I have to say, I am excited about it. I used to love having my hair done, but it is one of those personal luxuries I often don’t indulge—especially working in the home and not bringing in a reliable income, other than freelance work. Yet I thought I would treat myself for the upcoming season, and in anticipation of our family trip to Hawaii.

I was thrilled that Deena agreed to do Eric’s hair. She was quite skillful and patient, especially when he let it be known that he did not enjoy this experience. 😉

Mr. Eric, at the start of his appointment. We thought having him sit in my lap might work well.

I also resorted to bribing him with mini chocolate chips. Yes, shameless.

And that’s it—those are the two best pictures we have, because after the cutting actually started, the usually mellow Eric hollered his way through it. Periodically we would stop and let him touch the comb or get down and walk around. I also held him while standing up, and that appeased him somewhat. Maybe he thought we could make a faster get-away standing up. My mom, our photographer, actually took Katie outside, because she was distressed that her brother was distressed. It may sound a bit worse than it was, because, although there were tears, we were done in a matter of minutes. Deena is quick, and she managed to make good cuts even when Eric moved his head around. Poor little guy. Ah, the price of beauty. 😉

But he sure does look handsome with his newly shorn hair. I kept some locks after the cut. Normally, I have a sentimental disposition and I wondered if I would feel sad while Eric’s hair was being cut. In this case, though, cutting his hair seemed to restore him to looking more like himself, if that makes sense, so I didn’t mind the cutting of the baby locks. With the shape of his face and his Daddy’s shoulders, Eric happens to look best with classic little boy hair, and I love that I can gobble more of his neck again and see those sweet Eric ears.

Bill took this picture this morning of Eric’s new hairdo. I love this little man so much!

Still not sure what Eric makes of the whole experience, though…

Last night in the bath, I asked him, “So Eric, in retrospect, what did you think of your haircut?”

To this, he looked right at me, and gave me a HUGE raspberry! I laughed heartily. I just might have my answer…