Katie June loves, loves, loves to sew. For her birthday she received a sewing basket with notions and scraps of fabric. One of the ways she chooses to entertain herself is to take her sewing basket off the shelf and start sewing fabric together (“dresses” she explains) for her dolls. I help her thread her needles, but she does her own cutting and styling of the fabric. Sometimes I help her to sew the dress so that it fits her small princess dolls. She uses her sewing basket almost daily, and I know that, like her Amie and her great-great grandmother, this will always be a big passion of hers.

With that in mind, I suggested we “sew” a popcorn garland for our small kitchen tree that stands on the counter. Although at first she couldn’t believe that we could use the needle on the popcorn, she delighted in the magic of it. I did help her substantially (it took quite a bit of popcorn and sometimes finding the right place to poke to avoid breakage was a challenge), but she did quite a bit herself—and the point was that we could share this time and craft together while Brother took his nap. The making of the popcorn garland was good bonding time for us.

Sewing her popcorn garland

Sliding a piece of popcorn down the string… I adore old-fashioned crafts!

Katie wears her popcorn garland

Popcorn garland adorns the kitchen tree. Fun!

Other than that, we took it easy today since Eric (and therefore I) had a very restless and wakeful night. Just one of those things…We played outside, finished some laundry/vacuuming , watched a couple of Christmas programs, visited and played with Boppa (Eric took us all on a small walk–he loves holding Boppa’s hand and Sister’s hand) and made a soul-comforting dinner of Tuscan white bean soup with rosemary from our garden and homemade chicken stock. Served with grilled cheese sandwiches, the soup smelled like Christmas and nourished our sleep-needing bodies. We loved our homey, quiet day of simple pleasures.