This is Christmas Cookie Week at the Matics and McGaugh households! With my two little ones, my mom and I spread our cookie baking out over several days in recent years.

Today we made three types of cookies:

* Neopolitans: a cookie made of three different doughs—chocolate, almond, and a sugar cookie dough dyed red. The three doughs are pressed together in a loaf pan, chilled, and then sliced. Katie specifically requested these cookies this year.

* Ginger crinkles: a yummy ginger cookie

* Pfeffernusse: one of my favorites, this is a Norwegian cookie recipe that celebrates our Norwegian heritage along my Nana’s bloodline. It is spicy, with pepper and a hint of citrus. Other spices include cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. I love this one with tea.

I am already excited for Day 2 at Mom’s house, and I think we’re planning peppermint bark, a chocolate bark, an oat cookie with white chocolate and cherries, and if we’re ambitious, perhaps another type as well.

Katie with the red dye for the neopolitans

Amie and Katie

Rolling pfeffernusse

Eric loves cookie baking, too! This little man has a real sweet tooth!

The kiddos helping their Amie… Even Eric did his best to roll a piece or two, and he plopped it on the pan.

My mom and the kiddos watch The Grinch.

What a rainy, cozy, festive day!