A prefabricated felt board can cost around $30 through Amazon.com. Sets of felt pieces appear to cost anywhere from $12.95 to $18.00 or more. I have my eyes on the Little Red Hen set of felt pieces, and I may indulge in that sometime later this year.

But why not make our own board (and several pieces) for less than the cost of a single set of pre-made pieces?

Michael’s craft store had everything we needed: a thin wooden board, felt long and wide enough to wrap around the board (we just secured with glue), and pieces of $0.29 felt in a variety of colors.

A few minutes later, we had a board covered in white felt and were able to begin making our “Spring is Beautiful” felt pieces. I started by making some grass.

Our Spring is Beautiful felt board! The kiddos can rearrange all of these pieces however they like. There are flowers with separate stems (for rearrangement purposes), tree trunks, leaves, a green bush that can double as a full tree, pink flowers that can be apple blossoms, a bird, a duck, a frog (I did have trouble with cutting this one, but it works), a blue pond with detachable lily pads, strawberries, a green hill, two sets of grass, clouds, butterflies, a sun, a roof, a house, and a turtle. I also cut several basic shapes (heart, diamond, square, oval, rectangle, triangle, circle) as a simpler set for Little Eric to use.

Katie plays with the Spring is Beautiful felt set.

Eric begins to explore.

The possibilities are ENDLESS with this felt board. The best part is that making it was so quick! I schooled Katie for half of Eric’s nap (about an hour or so), and then I had about an hour left to get this project done before he woke up. Now that we have the basic white felt board, we can make ANY set of pieces: Christmas pieces, numbers, leaf shapes, a farm scene, the pumpkin patch—I mean, anything we can imagine. I have more than enough felt left to start making the alphabet, which is my next desire. Eric, in particular, will really benefit from that. We might also keep adding to our Spring is Beautiful set. These pieces were just my first brainstorm. If I had more time, I could add a lamb, a ladybug, a horse…

Again, the beauty of this new craft resides in all of the possibilities. A homemade felt board that can change with the seasons, or by the unit. If I were more adroit with my scissors, I would start making book characters so that we could create a storyboard of our literature.

Happy crafting!