Little Eric had his first barber shop experience this morning at the classic Temecula Stew’s, which has been around forever…or at least since the early 1990s. I asked my mom’s stylist to help with Eric’s first haircut back in November, but now that he is getting to be a little boy I want to introduce him to the ways of the male world. I have never been in a barber shop before, and I really loved it, probably because I could see it through my son’s eyes. Bill occasionally goes to Stew’s (sometimes I do his hair), and it has the barber pole and walls full of old-fashioned memorabilia. There are model planes overhead, and a train that runs around the ceiling. I thought the shop felt cozy, like some place from another time.

We happened to go when only one other young man was there, yet midway through the cut, three much older gentlemen came in to have their hair done. There was my little boy, getting a classic little cut, along with these men who have seen so much of their lives already. Such a juxtaposition… I hugged Eric a little tighter, almost in awe of a time in the far, far future when I might no longer alive and he will be an older man in a barber shop. I wonder if he will remember the days when he went with his mommy…

He even had his neck dusted with a brush with powder on it. He smelled so good! Although he started crying when we initially sat down, he settled into the cut after a few minutes and even liked it a bit. He loved hearing me talk about all there was to see on the walls. Sister Katie was so well behaved. She looked at books and was independent and patient throughout our time in there.

When we returned home, the kiddos wanted to play in the car. They were both so excellent at the barber’s that I let them:

BEEP BEEP! They played for awhile on their own, but they both thought it was quite amusing when I climbed into Eric’s car seat in the back and pretended to be the baby.

This has been a week to get some of our little house projects done and to take care of loose ends. I met with our CPA yesterday to finalize our taxes, and they are now submitted. So glad to have that finished for the year!

I also finally called earlier this week for a doctor’s appointment to have a tiny mole removed on my foot, and so now I have that scheduled. I meant to get it done before Hawaii, but I kept putting it off and putting it off. I’m not worried about the procedure, or about the mole itself (it looks fine according to the “ABCs of Moles” and is the only mole I have anywhere)—it is just one more thing to have to fit in to our schedule. It used to be a cute little freckle in high school—in fact, I loved it—but years of wearing flip flops and exposing it to the sun has caused it to raise. Eric points at it with distress like it’s a “boo boo” and frankly, I don’t want to take the risk that it could turn into something later.

We also made granola bars this week:

It was a bit of a process to wrap them all up individually, but they are yummy. We put peanuts and raisins in ours.

This afternoon we started some of our St. Patrick’s Day preparations. We have a couple of crafts we’re working on, and I have a special themed menu planned for the kiddos.

St. Patrick’s Day craft station!

Katie made a leprechaun hat (Eric did help with the glitter).

The kiddos painted some backyard rocks with gold acrylic. We are going to use these rocks in our leprechaun house. (Katie was clear that she wants to make them a house, but not a “trap” as is customary. She is very adamant that she does not want to force the leprechaun to reveal the location of his pot of  gold. I am planning on having a “leprechaun” come on Friday night and turn all of the toilet water green. There might be a couple of other pranks he pulls… We’ll see!

Finally, the kiddos had a treat tonight after their roasted chicken, steamed carrots, and mashed red potatoes. This was our first time making an Eton mess, a classic English boarding school dessert. We adapted our recipe from The Barefoot Contessa.While Eric was napping, Katie and I made two big baked meringues and a smashed raspberry and strawberry syrup on the stove. After dinner, we broke up the meringue, layered the berry sauce, and topped it with freshly whipped cream and more whole raspberries and strawberries. Meringue desserts are some of my favorites!