A France-inspired indoor picnic on a cold and grey afternoon? Why not? That’s what best friends are for. Best friends are for playing make-believe and making magic, whether we’re in our teens, twenties, thirties, or beyond.

And I am warning you all in advance: NO, there is not such a thing as “too much cheese.” Banish the thought.

Hi, Rosa and Nolan! We can’t wait to start seeing Dan again, too, after he is done with his project at work. These Saturday overtimes are a part of your life for better or worse, Dan, but we do miss you!

Our indoor picnic. This requires details, but where to begin? 1) Cheeses: Roquefort, Stilton with cranberries, honeyed goat cheese, Brie, Irish white cheddar. 2) Meat: truffled mousse pate, capicola, sopressata.3) Fruit: strawberries, apples, blueberries, red grapes. 4) Savory: radishes, pickles, marinated garlic olives, roasted cranberry glazed almonds. 5) Breads and spreads: French baguettes, Milton’s everything crackers, garlic butter, mascarpone. 6) Drinks: sparkling berry lemonade, sparkling blueberry cider, and sparkling clementine juice. 7) Desserts: Trader Joe’s Cocoa petit batons, and three chocolate bars (dark chocolate with orange, dark chocolate with sea salt, and milk chocolate with hazelnut).

There were leftovers. Some.

Part of the fun of a meal like this is to try as many different flavor combinations as possible. It satisfies every part of the palate. Divine.

Katie at our picnic. I love watching our little Friends-Like-Family family growing. Nolan is getting so big! Part of our afternoon was spent talking about plans for Nolan’s first birthday party at the end of the summer.

Eric joins the picnic. He mostly stuck with apples and juice and crackers and the white cheddar.

In this picture, it looks like I am taking over the whole picnic and diving to attack the food. I assure you this move was perfectly appropriate.

After Rosa and Nolan left for home, the kiddos and I played and, at Eric’s behest, went outside for a bit. Although the white twinkly lights around our backyard trees and bushes look especially cozy on these grey April evenings, it was much too nippy to stay out to play long in our little wonderland. We came back in and I gave my babies a warm bath with tonight’s soundtrack: Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On?” album. Love the vibe and mood of that album so much… Their bathtime is a good chance to play different favorites to expand their range, and it is also enjoyable for me, too!

Sweet dreams, everyone!