The kiddos and I recently brainstormed a collection of little adventures we want to have around town this spring (pack a picnic or get Golden Spoon frozen yogurt and take it to a park, watch the machines work at the hospital construction site, etc). We made an attempt at the construction site a couple of days ago, but we happened to go right when none of the big machines were in use. Part of the fun now will be trying again! I love being with my little people and watching them discover the world. There is magic all over the place if we look for it.

Katie wanted to visit the Rose Haven Heritage Garden again, now that all the roses are springing back into bloom. It really is the simple beauties that make life so full. The garden is tucked away between an old-fashioned ranch house with cactus and wagon wheels and horses on the one side, and a small street with a house that owns several alpacas on the other. It is a quiet and serene place, with the Temecula breeze coming through the hills.

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