One of the main goals of the McGaugh Academy for this school year has been to launch Katie into literacy and to build a solid phonics-awareness base for her well before she reaches Kindergarten next year. Our objectives focused on short vowel sounds, beginning phonemes, and a sight words.

Now at 4.5 years old, Katie is handling words quite capably. The process of learning to read English is long and nuanced, but her progress excites me and gives me confidence in the efficacy of our homeschool.

Reading to Daddy

The long “i” book is more complicated than the first selection.

And just in case these videos don’t work or play correctly, here are some stills:

Katie read three of her learning-to-read books (actually the very books I used in Kindergarten at Friends Christian many years ago when I was a bit older than she is) to her Daddy tonight after dinner. She chose the book focused on the short “a” sound, the book highlighting the “long i” sound, and the book showcasing the short “e” sound.

We are thrilled, of course, and it makes me feel much more assured heading into “official” homeschool Kinder curriculum next year. Teaching our daughter how to read has seemed like a HUGE milestone/hurdle to me. We have a long way to go, but now at least I have more faith in myself that I can really do this.

Katie, too, seems to be understanding how much freedom comes with literacy. She wants to be able to read everything, and I see a hunger for it that is alive and well in her.