“Just living is not enough,” said the butterfly, “one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.”

-Hans Christian Anderson

Happy 1st of May! It was fun to see our new May-themed dates on our calendar during circle time this morning!

To begin the day, I surprised Katie and Eric with hot chocolate, muffins, and a fruit and yogurt flower in honor of May Day. There is a dollop of strawberry Greek yogurt in the middle, and the rest is made from bananas, strawberries, blueberries, and kiwi. It’s so much fun to play with their food! Whimsy and novelty are great for their little growing brains!

We also made tissue paper flowers after during calendar/circle time:

I regret that this is not the most flattering of pictures for the two of them, but both of my kiddos have the sniffles this week (Bill had a cold last week).

We used the directions on Kaboose for our flowers.

Then there were other happy moments today:

Playing trains. Dance party. Cuddles. Reading. The scent of fresh mopping and the feel of vacuumed floors. Building a “tree house” with a bunch of branches recently cut from a plant that needed to come out. Playing in the misty day. Lemon ginger tea. Finishing the sewing of a gift for my cousin Beth’s baby shower. Homemade chicken soup burbling on the stove (made stock from last night’s roast chicken, added a roux and veggies and milk and chicken picked from the bones—so comforting and nourishing for sniffling children on a cold day). Seeing a hummingbird up close. Boppa coming over the play with the kiddos while I served up dinner. Laughing with Eric over something Sister Bear says in one of the Berenstain Bear books.

And by way of catching up:

The kiddos are still working through our Monsters and Imagination unit. I love the site Making Learning Fun for free thematic printables. Prepping for our unit, I found a bunch of Cookie Monster activities on that site.


I found these plastic letter tiles (for use with any applicable printable) on Amazon.com, but I also saw them recently at Joann’s. Here, Eric used the tiles to spell out “ten” over a laminated card.

Today, Katie and I worked through a series of literary analysis questions for Where the Wild Things Are, questions that progressed along Bloom’s Taxonomy. That was a fun discussion! I intended to put up a bunch of flowers all labeled with the stages of Bloom’s Taxonomy (bloom as a play on words for “flower bloom” and May Day seemed to coincide so well!) but, no, I didn’t quite get around to that…yet. I am a huge believer in reflective learning. I want her to understand what cognitive tasks she performs as she performs them. I wish I had about a million hours in a day!

On Sunday, we were supposed to head out to a fun birthday party for a colleague’s little girl, but the kiddos started showing symptoms. Eric had a very runny nose and a low grade fever. Katie’s nose started plugging up, too. I had tried so hard to keep them away from Bill’s cold, but to no avail. We haven’t had an illness since last year… Oh well. So, no party for us. We stayed home instead and Eric (literally) wanted to be cuddling or on my hip all day. He is such a mama-boop when he feels bad. And sooooooo fussy, but in the absolute cutest way—and I mean that. His cold-induced whining actually makes me chuckle, because he is so much not that way normally. He didn’t want to nap in his crib, which has never happened before, not once. So I decided not to enforce it (because really, why put him through that when he feels bad?), and I cuddled him downstairs watching Cars 2. He eventually fell asleep, and Sister watched over him. It wasn’t a terribly long nap, but thank goodness, it was long enough for Katie and I to get our Sunday bread rising and to prep the broccoli and tomato roast as one of the sides for dinner.

And yesterday, this came! My friend Shil of over 20 years is getting married this summer. We’ve had a “save-the-date” awhile, but the official invitation is so beautiful! Three day long Indian wedding/party? So fun! I remember Shil showing us videos in high school of family weddings, and he taught me the bhangra. Can’t wait. Bill and I have been talking for awhile now about how to travel to the wedding (it is in Pennsylvania, on the Philadelphia side). At first we thought, fly. But very quickly we started thinking about having a fun road trip instead. We really love the freedom of having our own car with us (and carseats), and we cannot wait to explore parts of old Route 66 and maybe see some friends along the way back. We’ve started discussing our routes there and back…and are talking even of going up into New York before heading back after the wedding. Epic United States road trip? We’ve both talked about a cross country trip at some point, and Shil’s wedding is a good time for it. Thankfully, my husband and I are highly compatible road trippers. We know this from experience, though our longest trip was only to Oregon. It will be an adventure attempting this feat with two kiddos—but I’m game! And what a great chance for them to see new places and historical sites!