Motherhood is such a source of happiness, as well as a privilege. Hard work, yes, but beautiful work. I love Mother’s Day for the chance to celebrate my maternal lineage and to pay homage to family bonds that are unbreakable even through space and time. Mother’s Day is a time for me also to celebrate my own children and my love for them. Tomorrow I am looking eagerly forward to a quiet breakfast at home and then time with all four of us playing at the park, followed by spending time with my mom.

Really, though, the celebration started Thursday:

The kiddos and I had tea with my mom, Nana, and Aunt Debbie in Yorba Linda. We have so many good memories at this little tea place.

Nana opens her presents

Katie and Eric with their maternal lineage, four generations

A better view of Eric, but I think Katie may have been perturbed that her lollipop was done!

Eric loved his bit of Earl Grey tea. Seriously. He has started taking sips of mine, once it is lukewarm, at home. He will say, “Tea! Tea!” I don’t ever give him much, and his cuppa was full of milk in this picture. He’s my little English boy!

Sharing his tea with “E” (Eeyore). E is Eric’s best buddy.

Katie visits with Amie and Aunt Debbie. We so missed Jed and Fon and Violet and Oliver (finishing up travels abroad at the moment).

After our tea, all of us drove just down the street to visit Great-Great-Uncle Ross at his place of care. Uncle Ross is Nana’s older brother, and his wife Aunt Bella passed three years ago. Uncle Ross and Aunt Bella originally lived in Temecula, and were one of the reasons my mom and dad knew of this developing area many years ago when looking to move. Uncle Ross and his great-great-nephew Eric had quite a moment on Thursday, as they compared wheels—Uncle Ross’ wheelchair wheels and Eric’s stroller wheels. Eric also liked looking at the break on Uncle Ross’ wheelchair. Katie was a bit more reticent, but she seemed to pay close attention to Nana and Uncle Ross’ sister and brother relationship. I am so grateful we have a chance to spend time with our family elders, and that my children are being filled with these memories and seeing how the family bond stretches across generations, as far as the eye can see and as far as a limitless heart can know. They need to see, too, the glory that comes of being every age a human can be. I want to fill them up with these mysteries—so that they can spend their lives figuring out the human condition, and where they fit in it.

On Friday, after a full day which included music class and a backyard playdate, we got the kiddos settled early and dinner prepped….and then it was off to date night with my husband! Thank you to my parents for watching our kiddos! Bill and I went to see The Avengers—totally awesome and worth seeing in 3-D in the theater. I loved spending time with my sweet and handsome guy, and also having a reason to get a little more dressed up and cute for him than usual! We had a great time together, and we were still home in time for lullabies and bedtime cuddles with the kiddos—not something I want to miss!

Then today, it was rise and shine to go pick blueberries! The blueberry season at the local farm opened yesterday.

Katie has turned into a professional blueberry huntress! Her bucket was full of big juicy blue ones. This is the fourth year we’ve come together—we first came when she was seven months old. My mind could start to boggle when I think about that—and how Eric wasn’t here yet, but how he feels eternal like he was here all along—but I just have to marvel instead. The blueberry farm is a special place for us.

And then? When I came home, Bill surprised me with these amazing red roses for Mother’s Day. Want to know something funny, though? I was so busy preparing lunch for the kiddos that I didn’t notice them for a full 15 minutes; in fact, Katie was the first to find them in the dining room, which can be seen from the kitchen! They are just lovely, and such a beautiful thought from my husband. We don’t have any kind of tacit understanding that flowers appear on certain days/holidays, so this really was a true, true surprise—and one for which I am deeply grateful. He made my day and my weekend so much better because he thought of it.

And in the afternoon after naps, we played:

Magic girl

Eric splashes with his feet

The kiddos and I are crazy about these homemade fudgesicles. This is our second batch. I found the recipe on Pinterest. Ready? It’s 1/3 cup Nutella and 1 cup milk (we use 2%). Then freeze. It makes four using my molds, though some claim it makes six. That’s it. And they are delicious.

My handsome boy with red windswept curly hair.

Toward evening, Eric and Boppa (mainly Boppa) put a new tarp on the play structure. Thanks, guys!

Such a fun Mother’s Day weekend!