What a busy and fulfilling day! Our main event of the day was to meet with Mrs. G, our homeschool liaison from River Springs Charter School. She came over after lunchtime, and seriously, we already love, love, LOVE her. She is so full of sparkle and energy, and so incredibly efficient yet so attentive. Katie clicked with her right away, and they made little notes to each other. When I went upstairs to help Eric with something, I could hear the two of them chatting. I love Mrs. G’s voice and the way she speaks to my daughter. She is going to be such an important person in our lives in this coming year. She is such a great fit for us!

Each time I interact with anyone from River Springs, the more excited I become. Their resources are phenomenal, and their incorporation of technology must be a plus for their WASC report—-it is a amazing! I feel incredibly thankful that this structure will be supporting my efforts next year, and I can’t wait to get to know as many people—staff and parents—as possible.

Katie signed her first contract today, too! We had to sign the enrollment forms, and there was a spot for the student signature. Katie confidently wrote her name “Katie”  after Mrs. G explained what she was signing (that mommy would be her teacher and that Katie and Mommy would try their best) and I was so proud of her. I wished I’d had my camera: my little girl seemed so grown up at that moment!

As a teacher, too, I have to say that I am beyond thrilled to be working with my colleagues again. I am even looking forward to the four inservice days required of new parents. The energy that comes from two or more teachers who are planning and learning together is pretty invigorating.

Right now, Bill and I are finalizing our curriculum choices. There are options for math and language arts in the boxed set. You know I cannot wait to get my hands on it! We’ll have it in August, though. Still, I was so pleased to see that we have already read so much of the literature, with a couple of new pieces. This Kindergarten year is going to be FUN!

I will say that I am glad we’ve been homeschooling this year and that we’re solidly into K work already. I think our experience is going to help us transition smoothly. We are planning to keep learning through the summer, so we’ll have three more months of practice and skill-building before we start officially. Doesn’t get better for us than that!

We did fit in some schoolwork this morning:

Katie and Eric worked at their little table on a Cookie Monster themed book for emergent readers, which also practiced counting 1-4. Review in some respects for Katie, but it was an opportunity to practice some new words (“cookie”) and some sight words for Katie. Both the kiddos colored the book, found here on Making Learning Fun. Then they cut the book where appropriate, and I stapled the pages together for them.

Our Cookie Monster puppet (yes, old-school from my childhood) came out to play. I often think of Katie being so much older than Eric, but both of them were very much into this, laughing and interacting with Cookie Monster. He coached them on their work, listened to Katie read, practiced counting, and resorted to low humor with Eric while making a huge deal of a wooden letter “C” (CM would pretend to eat it and then regurgitate it on the floor—my son was in hysterics. No, I am not above this, or indeed, anything that will help my children learn and remember).

Eric wanted kisses from Cookie Monster. Amazing how this lesson changed for them as soon as Cookie Monster became their teacher for a little while. Silly play makes for good learning, right? We’ve been loving the muppets/Sesame Street monsters lately.

We listened several times to “C is for Cookie” and we also sang it. Then we had circle time and free play (latching board, lacing beads, felt board, spelling puzzles). It was low-key this morning, actually, as far as a planned lesson goes.

Then I went to the restroom. Now, usually, when I go to the bathroom it’s a full on party in there. Everyone comes, or bangs on the door. Not today. Today I went about my business and suddenly heard it: the loud silence of kiddos who are being totally quiet. Parents, you know what I mean. It is the “noise” kiddos make when there is no noise. Louder than a bell or their shrillest scream. It is the absolute silence that means we’re up to something and we don’t want you to know.

Coming out of the bathroom, I found them right away, hiding under the dining room table. I thought maybe they were just going to play hide n seek. But when they were still quiet after I teased, “I’m going to find you!” I checked again. Sure enough, between the two of them were spread ALL the remaining orange rolls from breakfast, and they were nibbling the icing tops off each one.

It looks like it was just Katie in the above picture, but Eric was right beside her—I just couldn’t get him in the frame from that angle.

Katie admitted that they were hiding because they thought they’d be in trouble. She said that at first, they were planning to do this when it was nighttime with Daddy and I was getting my shower and wouldn’t catch them. I actually just laughed and laughed. Oh, those two will be thick as thieves some day. Part of me is glad they do this: I want them to be more bonded to one another than they are to me. It will serve them well. Besides, they weren’t hurting anything, you know?

Have a good night everyone!