When the printer starts eating paper and the bathtub overflows into the entire bathroom, it is time to keep smiling, have a sense of humor, and count our blessings for the little moments in life.

(Bill fixed the printer, by the way).

After a few busy days, we decided to slow it all down today and just enjoy some spontaneity.

We made morning glory muffins for breakfast:

Katie found these neat-o cupcake/muffin cups shaped like flowers when we were at the grocery store a couple of weeks ago. With all of the birthdays/Father’s Day/Midsummer’s Eve and an event-packed June, I figured we would use them at some point. A little whimsy and beauty are important in life, I believe. We decided to use them today for our morning glory muffins (muffins with shredded carrots, coconut, golden raisins, and apple). The kiddos both gobbled their muffins and had fun peeling the petals of the wrapper.

We put on paint clothes and painted sections of bamboo to make a wind chime (great little kit from the craft store). We talked about feeling the breeze as we painted and meditated on everything for which we are thankful. We talked about feeling our negative thoughts leave us on the wind and how peaceful it is to paint and create.

While Eric napped, Katie and I took between 10-15 minutes to convert one of my mom’s old tops into a new summer shift for Katie. It was really only a matter of measuring and redoing a couple of seams.

New, free, upcycled dress? Nice and cool for summer and for our road trip. Also, for those who stopped by our blog yesterday, note the shoes. These little beauties are pretty special to her right now!