Six years ago today, Bill and I got married at Temecula Under the Oaks up in De Luz, surrounded by family and friends. He is my kindred, my best friend, the father of my children, and the one person I would marry again and again.

We’ve celebrated our anniversary by returning to our honeymoon bed and breakfast in Idyllwild, and we’ve also celebrated with special dinners and dates—but this year we decided to make it a true family celebration and to take ourselves and our kiddos on a “wedding tour” or sorts. We drove all the way out to our old house where we were first married, and we all played at the park that Katie and I went to almost daily when she was younger than Eric is now. Then we drove out to De Luz, though we did not enter the Temecula Under the Oaks property. We finished it off with some In-N-Out for lunch (in memory of hiring the In-N-Out truck for our wedding), and then played in the backyard.

Running to the swings at the park

I help Eric on the slide

This used to look like such a big slide relative to Katie! Now she is big!

Pure joy

Pushing both kiddos on the swings… Katie and I reminisced about the special song we made up together on those swings.

Katie managed to take this picture of Bill and me on the iPhone—-not bad!

When we got home, we ate our lunch and then all played horse shoes. We love the classics!

Katie and Daddy playing horse shoes

Eric plays some horse shoes

We played with sidewalk chalk…and refilled our bird feeders…and hung up our wind chime…


We turned on the patio misters and attached our hose to the caterpillar water sprayer thingy we have. Totally feels like summer.

So it was a beautiful anniversary day!

I have to say overall, though, this weekend has been a mixture of emotions. Yesterday felt much more somber, as I thought about Marguerite and her family and how it has been five years to the day that her younger brother Braden died of cancer. Her sorrow was in my heart and mind all day, particularly so as I watched the brother and sister relationship of my children. As we go through life with our friends-like-family, we realize that their significant days become our significant days, as well. The longer we journey beside one another, the more mixed our lives become. I do not think of my anniversary weekend without thinking now about what this weekend means to Marguerite. He would have just turned 30 years old.

So we hold all emotions at once, turn them over in our mind, and think about what it means to celebrate life, and to celebrate the life of someone who is gone.