Oh it is lovely to play together:

We charged up the radio controlled car and sent it for a spin!

Katie was laughing as Bill sent it zooming

Katie takes a turn

Eric and I also took turns driving it. We let the kiddos drive it in the house a bit, too. Eric would belly laugh every time he made it hit something—love it!

The kiddos and I also spent about an hour playing “veterinarian” this morning. Steve and Carol had sent a vet medical kit to Katie and Eric as a Christmas present a couple of years ago, and we’ve loved it. I rotate where toys are in the house periodically, and I just rotated the vet set to a prominent place on one of the play room shelves. Sure enough, it captivated the kiddos anew. They really got into it this time, and I love watching Eric and Katie communicate to each other. They fashioned an ambulance from a wagon, and we used spare pieces of muslin from my blanket-making to make soft casts for the dogs that came through. We talked about different symptoms and stories about why the doggies needed care and what the treatment should be. Very fun for me, too!

We also signed Katie up for two months of a soccer skills class in the fall. I loved soccer growing up and have so many good memories of playing recreationally on city teams. The class is formatted with games and drills, and I think she will really enjoy it. We’ve also committed both kiddos to a gymnastics class that starts in August. We took a break from some of the classes offered this year, primarily because I haven’t known what to do with Eric during that time…but now he is old enough to start participating and, in the case of the soccer class, we can run around and play at the park while she attends her practice.

Tomorrow my friend Lauren and I are co-teaching our children with a lesson plan we designed this weekend. YAY! YAY! YAY! This is our first co-teaching experience together, and I think it will be so invigorating! With four youngsters, it is bound to get wild at points, but we’ve got a great science lab on “sinking or floating” that will be largely hands-on. Can two high school teachers wrangle four kiddos age four and under? Stay tuned!