One of my projects this past weekend was to clean out and reorganize the kiddos’ closets, especially Eric’s. I had done a fairly thorough combing of Katie’s closet a couple of months ago, but Eric’s was in a state. One whole side of his closet was taken up with baby items such as the bassinette, the box for the Bjorn (I mean, why?), and anything else I could pile on top of those. After reorganizing and paring down, we found three bare shelves worth of space to put toys, and the kiddos have an entire play area on the right-hand side of the closet where no clothes are hanging and nothing is on the floor. They love it. They think of it as a fort. Buys me precious minutes to put away laundry and the like.

We also sorted through Katie’s clothes again. Now that winter is done, we could sort out items that will no longer fit next winter. With a bit of reorganization of her closet, too, we were able to reclaim one whole shelf, currently bare and waiting a future need.

I’ve been convinced that she hardly has enough clothing for a two week road trip through the hot and humid southern states. I am sure we’ll continue to pick up a few play clothes and last minute items, but I was cheered to discover that much of her spring/summer clothing from last year still fits. She grows so fast, but she is slender. Her winter wardrobe is always noticeably shorter, because in winter clothes pants reach the ankle and sleeves reach the wrist. It is easy to tell when these get too short. But in summer? Skirts and dresses can be shorter, and since we usually buy them a size bigger to last two seasons, she actually has quite a few pieces that still work. Whew.

We also try to be innovative:

This dress here, held by Eric, was one of Katie’s favorites last year though, miraculously, it doesn’t have any spots yet. One thing about Katie: she does not like clothes that “leave prints” or impressions in the skin after they have been on. She decided over the course of this year that she does not like anything with a rough elastic gather (she loves leggings, but those are a different kind of stretchy), especially around arm holes. Therefore, she no longer wanted to wear this dress due to the sleeves, though the length is perfect on her.

We decided to cut off the sleeves, turn under the edges and make a sleeveless dress to wear this summer.

She enjoyed wearing it today. Here, she is playing soccer again. She loves, loves soccer. We’ve been taking advantage of the late daylight to play after dinner (or today, before dinner). She has been asking me now to play on a team, and so I think I might cancel our class we signed up for next year and actually sign her up for one of the TVSA rec teams. They go as young as four. I really see a spark in her when we are playing. Could this be her passion?