Those who have been reading for awhile will remember that our family received the most joyous news last Thanksgiving: my cousin Bethany, after years of hoping, told us she was pregnant with her first baby. Little Chelsea Rae will make her appearance in the next few weeks, and today we celebrated her and her mama at Beth’s family baby shower. She will have a second shower in a few days with friends from church—I heard that it will be huge, and I hope she posts pictures of all the cute presents she gets!

With my youngest, who was a bit doleful that I wouldn’t let him put all of the chocolate covered pineapple skewers from the fruit bouquet onto his plate. He and cousin Kd LOVE the fruit bouquet!

Amie-Nani and her grandchildren. (Eric calls her Nani, so now she has a hyphenated name)!

Beth is in the light orange dress

Katie and Gracie. They played together the whole time. Katie tells me that they played princess.

Follow the leader! Pretty soon, another little cousin will be joining us!

Aunt Diane (Beth’s mom) and Beth feed each other baby food—blindfolded!

My second eldest cousin (on my dad’s side) is such a cute preggo!

Sister and brother

Laughing with cousin Kd

Two diaper cakes!

Beth opening the baby blanket I made for her…

Happy ladies


Estimate-the-circumference-of-the-preggo game!

Most of the time, Eric wanted to dig: “Boppa.” “I see pipe.”  (He digs).”See more pipe.” Eric was working on trying to figure out Uncle Rich’s sprinkler system and knew there were more pipes under the dirt. He also showed me as many sprinklers in the yard as he could find. That was cute, because he helps Boppa with sprinklers in our yard often.

Baby Chelsea is due in early July. So excited to meet her and so excited for Beth!