After celebrating her daddy’s birthday all day on Monday with our family, Katie and I were having a quiet moment later that evening when she told me that she had written a poem in her head and wanted me to hear it. I grabbed a pen and wrote it down.


“It doesn’t matter how slowly you go,

If they tease.

It doesn’t matter how fast.

It is all in front of you.”

~Katie June, 6/25/12

Her childlike purity is a wisdom of all its own. Her words ring so true to me; I hope she always keeps this knowledge in sight. It doesn’t matter how slowly we go, or if we’re teased for it. We don’t have to race against anyone or anything and go fast. Her poem implies that there is no point to either pace: we just have to be in the moment, present with our true selves. Everything that is to be, is all in front of us right at the moment or even in the future—I love her ending line, because she completely collapses time. Everything that is to be, already is. Her words take us right through the illusion of linear time.

It is all in front of us:

Yesterday, Katie and I went on a mother-daughter date to see the new Disney movie Brave. Following the lead from my friend Erin Brady, we wore our festive plaid to celebrate the Scottish setting of the film. Erin is one of the most festive, radiant people I know. She loves to make life special and good. We loved this idea, Erin, thank you!

We both enjoyed the movie, though the ending was a bit intense for both of us! Brave is essentially a mother and daughter story, and we had such a great conversation about it and each other after the film. Definitely buying this one when it comes out!

We love having Bill’s family over for his birthday party every year!

Uncle Pat, Katie, Uncle Chet enjoying angel food cake, strawberries, Cool Whip (25 cals for 2 TB—how rocking’ is that? Bill said it was like ice cream), and a drizzle of 60% cacao.

Uncle Seth and Bill…and Aunt Irma was around somewhere, too! We had a great time chatting and re-watching some of the track and field Olympic trials (track and field was the sport of all the McGaugh brothers and a big passion in our family—I knew nothing about track and field until I married in)! I love Bill’s side of our family so much, always easy going and companionable people.

We also had our last day of Music Together class for the year since I last wrote. Bill took our last day of school picture, a tradition for us. Katie has now completed all three years (9 quarters worth) of the Music Together program in Fallbrook. She will come with Eric and me next year, though, as he completes his last year of the program. Thank goodness, because otherwise I would have been in tears last Friday. I remember our first day of class like yesterday. So next year at this time, I will be bawling…As a teacher and as a mother, I am extremely susceptible to end-of-school-year-and-graduation melancholy! Anyway, one of our friends Elaine hosted a small get together for some of the long-time music class members and her daughter Sadie. What a beautiful afternoon watching the children all play together and visiting with adult friends. Elaine put on a beautiful, child-friendly spread. Such a thoughtful way to end the year for all of us! Thanks again, Elaine, for the best afternoon!

The kiddos have also been enjoying our yard as we looked for signs of summer this week (not hard to find, where we live!):

Boppa brought pump water guns. These are so great! Katie and Eric have been having a ball with them.


On Saturday (and yes, I do have pics, but I forgot to share them with my Mac), we drove to Nana’s house to visit with her and Aunt Jenny (who was staying for a week). Katie and Aunt Jenny were organizing the back bedroom, and I loved watching them talk and work together. Aunt Jenny and I have a very special bond, and we used to write letters to each other when she was in law school and I was in elementary school. Those letters from her are some of my most prized possessions and always will be. To see my children making memories with people I love is the greatest treasure…

I’ve continued with my running, biking, weight lifting, and here-and-there yoga this week. I am down seven pounds now, counting calories and embracing a heavily plant-based diet. My best time for 1.2 miles so far is 12:46 (on the morning of Bill’s birthday), but today I had a difficult run. Not sure why, but my legs just felt like lead stones. My progress has been linear so far, but I slipped back to 12:59 this morning for 1.2 miles. Oh well. As Katie says…the pace doesn’t matter, but being in the moment does.

Although my new way of eating (mainly vegetarian-in-training) at first mystified me, as I probe more deeply and put together a recipe collection, I am feeling a renewed love of cooking and the joy of creativity again. Today we made spinach, pineapple, soy milk, banana, and honey smoothies. The kiddos gobbled them, and yes, I stuffed them full of spinach. I’ve been seeing this recipe lately—the new trendy smoothie, to be sure—and I had to try it for myself before becoming a true believer. My mom tried it this morning with spinach and kale, and that was finally the push I needed. It is delicious.

I find myself so inspired now by the produce section and healthy, body-nourishing foods. I am amazed at how vibrant everything tastes to me now that I embrace hunger before meals and have tuned up my system a little.

In my quest to take us off (as much as possible) of cow’s milk, I have been researching and fielding opinions about the milk alternatives. Readers, I’d love for you to weigh in… We’re on soy right now for daily needs, but I’ve been hearing that almond milk or coconut milk might be better. Thoughts?

My mom also turned me on to ancient grains, such as kamut. I’d like to experiment with amaranth, as well. Tonight I made a huge bowl of a kamut, chickpea, kalamata olive, golden raisin, and dried cranberry salad. Oh yum. Eric liked it more than Katie, but both of them tried it. Eric mainly went for the chickpeas.

I roasted beautiful orange, red, and yellow bell peppers yesterday for use in egg white, goat cheese, and spinach omelettes this week.

We’re also brewing Stash’s Moroccan Mint tea in the sun and chilling it in our fridge. Eric and Katie both enjoy it, too.

Sweet dreams, everyone!