I called my cousin Beth yesterday hoping to arrange a time in the next couple of days to meet my newest cousin Chelsea. We had to leave on our road trip the morning after she was born and for two weeks I thought about how much I wanted to see her and talk with Beth about her labor story. Whenever I felt twinges of homesickness, they usually also involved thinking about how almost all the family was gathering around this new precious life and I was far away. So calling Beth was one of the main priorities yesterday!

As it turned out, Marshall was coming up to Temecula yesterday afternoon to check the work on my parents’ house, which is undergoing a remodel through Beth and Marsh’s company Remodel Solutions. Beth came with him and brought our new cousin! She is just two weeks old:

Chelsea is so alert and so sweet and she smells so good. She has that new baby feel and pliability. All those tiny fingers and toes and ears and lips. What a gift she is to our family! How long we have wanted and waited for her!

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