Goodness this week:

* Water color painting with my kiddos (actually a Five in a Row assignment to accompany The Story About Ping)

* Gingerberry kombucha

* A meeting over green tea with a client and former student, who is serious about a children’s book that he has been working on for more than a year. His challenge for me this week? Cut his manuscript by half. Chop chop. My favorite part of editing, thanks to excellent training from Mrs. Altaras in high school. She pushed us constantly to rethink our relationship to words…

* Running into one of my favorite people Jen Ruby, keeper of the kind of energy that is essential to the vitality of the Universe (and if that sounds dramatic, just meet her—she really does radiate Life with the Emily Dickinson capital “L”).

* Low fat peanut butter frozen yogurt with carob chips

* Gymnastics with both kiddos

* Anticipating two parties this weekend

* Booking our Disneyland trip

* Making a family tree with Katie (we actually had to stop because we ran out of room for branches, and we know most of our history on all sides for half a dozen generations or more)—I love that our history this week has focused on family and defining family values.

* Eric trying out new words constantly: “Winnie Po” is his new favorite, along with all his friends from The Hundred Acre Wood

* Special dates with my boy to Toddler Time on Monday mornings

* Receiving an e-mail from Katie’s soccer coach to start the season—can’t wait for soccer games and the scent of the autumn fields. Brings back memories…

* Running

* Thinking about what a cozy season this is truly going to be this year

* Making it through two weeks of home schooling and feeling like it is more smooth this week

* Homemade applesauce and cottage-cheese-dill yeast bread

* Beatrix Potter

* Finding a recipe for a Name Day cake (guglhupf) which I want to bring to Nana’s on our visit to honor Uncle Eric’s birthday September 8th. Both of my children have a Name Day (well, at least, I decided they do—on their namesakes’ birthdays). I think this will be a good year for the guglhupf. Katie’s first soccer game is the 8th, but hopefully it will be early, or we can work around it, because we always spend Uncle Eric’s birthday with Nana.

* Almost finishing The Voyage of the Dawn Treader…we love The Chronicles of Narnia so much. Katie has decided to be Lucy Pevensie for Halloween. Leave it to Katie to surprise me! I rummaged around and found a dress, a gossamer blouse, a Renaissance belt, and a few spare pieces of lace and fabric that I intend to alter/put together/re-sew to make a Queen Lucy dress for Katie’s costume. She wants to carry Eric’s stuffed lion as Aslan. I am tempted to get her a lion pendant for her birthday (a few days before Halloween) so she can wear it. Now, what will Eric be?

* Productivity and staying busy: I am usually happiest when I am busy, a trait which runs in the family! This fall the kiddos have: Toddler Time (Eric), gymnastics (both), soccer (Katie), and Music Together (both). Plus we have school, family time, our harvest moon celebration with apple strudel and moon dancing, birthdays, apple picking, Halloween, Disneyland, my dad’s half marathon… And we want to make time to visit my cousin Kd at her new college, see little Chelsea Rae as much as possible, and enjoy all of our favorite autumn traditions and recipes. This is my absolute FAVORITE time of the year. Autumn is my very essence.


Katie and Eric paint: Katie learned how to represent a reflection on water as well as how to make broken half circles to show movement of a boat.


Putting together an alphabet puzzle in Toddler Time


He balanced on his own for a few steps before asking for assistance

Here comes a fun season!