We celebrated our first day of Autumn 2012 on the soccer field and at Nana’s house with extended family. One of my friends went apple picking, another friend got engaged, and my dad ran twelve miles in training for his upcoming half-marathon. In a nod to the season, an otherwise warm Temecula day offered us a bit of cozy cloud cover this morning. The kiddos and I ate red pears and sweet potato bread and the merest bit of white cheddar for breakfast while watching the hot air balloons outside of our windows.


With my girl during half time



Taking a rest


Ready to play



Amie-Nani and Eric played footsie, and Eric laughed



A birthday lunch for my mom around Nana’s table! How many memories we have shared as a family right in these chairs… No matter what ever happens, there is laughter and love around this table. It is a sacred place for me. Fon made a delicious lunch for all of us, one of her Thai recipes. We sometimes have yummy Thai food at Aiyara in town, but nothing beats Fon’s cooking. She has so many layers of flavor; my mouth loves the interplay of sweet, salty, and sour. I also adore spice. So delicious.

In other EXCITING news, Aunt Debbie and Uncle Tom and Jed and Fon’s family are all getting serious about moving to Temecula within this coming year. We are over the moon about it and are already imagining blueberry patch dates, classes for the girls, classes for the boys (our girls are about the same age; so are our boys), family dinner nights, shopping dates, cooking fests… My dad has been locating possible properties, and they all might come to look at some next week. This would be a dream come true for all of us, and my mom and Aunt Debbie could finally live close to each other again. Oh it would be wonderful!! We’d be that much closer to the family compound fantasy that several of us (on both sides of my family) nurture. 😉



Eric climbed up to cuddle with Nana. He’s so sweet… he just likes to go sit with her.



Then we attempted a picture with all four great-grandchildren…



It’s the spirit of the thing…



Nana lighted my mom’s candle… So, so special that we get to celebrate my mom’s birthday with her… Nana made brownies for dessert. Eric had nearly three of them. He kept asking, “More cake! More cake!”



Everything was so festive. Katie is sitting in the spot I used to sit in when I was her age. How amazing is that? Full circle. I am so thankful for this time…

After lunch, cake, and presents, we played outside and then Aunt Debbie had a PERFECT idea! She suggested we go inside to play “Duck Duck Goose.” I haven’t played Duck Duck Goose for ages! So much fun. Several adults played as well as the kiddos. I love the idea of old-fashioned, even Victorian, parlor games at parties. Classic and lovely. Aunt Debbie and I are going to brainstorm some more parlor games to play at Christmas. Just thinking about the coziness of such old-fashioned fun gives my stomach jolts of happiness and joy and anticipation!!!

I’ve never been sure I was born in the right era, but I know I was born to the right family for me!

This week has much to look forward to with excitement. On Thursday we’re going to visit one of my cousins at her new college, have lunch, see her dorm, celebrate her life. Friday after music we might see our house hunters (if they come Friday—still to be decided), and then we have Homecoming at TVHS (my alma mater as well as the site of my professional career and home to so many of my friends, mentors, and people I adore). Saturday we have a soccer game (and we bring the snacks!), then we might see Nana again, then movie night (we actually had our movie night last night this week: Cinderella and pizza. We’re working our way through every Disney film we own in anticipation of our two days-three nights trip that is coming up at a time I can’t mention online). On Sunday we are going to the 5th birthday party of my brother’s other niece Anna. So many, many fun events to look forward to as we work through our schoolwork early this week! Oh, and of course we have the Harvest Moon on Saturday as well. Every year, we make apple strudel and go dancing in the moonlight to celebrate.

Happy First Autumn Weekend to everyone. Autumn is officially on. Time to make magic!