We took a little field trip this afternoon to visit my cousin Kd at her new college, Life Pacific. What a sweet and memorable day!


Katie and Eric walk with Kd to her dorm after giving her the autumn mums they picked out as a dorm-warming gift



We asked a friendly student to take a picture of all of us. Life Pacific has to be one of the friendliest campuses I’ve experienced. With a student body of only 400, nearly everyone knows each other already. So many people came up to say hi to Kd and to us, and all of them were smiling and gracious.



Embracing some life changes and a new engagement, Kd’s roommate decided to leave LPC for the year. Kd misses her roomie but in the meantime made up the upper bunk with new sheets and the quilt she made at our house last year. The kiddos LOVED the upper spare bunk. Eric kept saying, “Me sleep in bunk bed.” And when it was time to leave: “No bye bye. Me sleep in bunk bed.” We joked that Kd might have a new little roommate on her hands!



Cousins for life, at Life. And by the way, they seriously loved the bunk bed.



Kd gave us a great tour! We saw everything—library, chapel, classrooms, coffee shop, The Loop (a lounge/study/hang out area, the laundry room, the hair salon, the art rooms, the music rooms, the private prayer rooms, the cafe, where she keeps her bike, everything. We even got to meet her R.A. and one of the quadlings. It brings back good memories to be in a dorm room again, nostalgia. And Eric found these super-neat lampposts that look like they are right out of Narnia, or Disneyland. He’s such a ham: this pose is all his own doing!



Katie explores near the academic building. I love picturing Kd in her new space. Now when she talks about going to this class or to any place, I will be able to see it. Being able to imagine someone you love in her space is so special and important. I remember, too, how much it meant when family would visit me at school. Afterwards, there is this beautiful feeling that they are part of the place, too, because we have memories of them being there.



So there’s an In-N-Out a couple blocks away… Katie was THRILLED.



We also got a chance to see Kd’s new Target (Kd and I share an abiding love for Target). She needed to pick up some snacks for a group of people watching the premier of New Girl tonight.



With my two little people… Both of them loved spending time with Kd, neither wanted to go home, and everyone loved the vibe of the college campus. Kd showed us many of her books and a sample of what a day’s homework is. Whew! She is taking a survey course of language. First she has been learning Greek; next up is Hebrew! She has history courses, art, dance…

Things I loved about the campus:

1. Professors return graded work to the student’s post office box! How neat is that??

2. Student art is everywhere… Including my cousin, there are several legitimate visual artists who attend Life. I saw some AMAZING pieces today. I get the sense that artistic expression is nourished there.

3. There is a sense that the whole person is being educated at Life… students can use private rooms to practice instruments (included inside the room!), to pray and have alone time, to meet with friends, and there is a well-equipped gym. There are also substantially large spaces dedicated to hanging out with others and studying. Relationships seem to matter there, including a relationship with one’s inner self. Very cool to see so much actual and physical space dedicated to this vision.

4. Seriously, everyone was super friendly.

Katie and Eric had a great time, and so did I. And the drive was fairly easy and not really that far from us. I hope we get a chance to visit again soon!