Five years ago today, after eight and a half hours of non-medicated labor and feeling every beautiful and sublime sensation of her birth, my little Pumpkin Girl emerged into this world at 12:40 PM three weeks early and changed my world completely. After cuddling with her for a few minutes, I was parted from her for many hours while she had oxygen and cleared her small lungs and developed her robust cry. When at last she could breathe free and clear on her own, they brought her to my room at 2 AM on October 30th. I held her small hands and cuddled her and sang our special song and knew this love would be eternal.


She is sweet, funny, fierce, sparkly, creative, cuddly, intense, intelligent, beautiful, imaginative, loving, wild, poetic, and beaming.


With Aslan, her favorite friend.




Katie poses with the life-sized Harry Potter we made last year after we read the whole series together. We’re big Harry Potter fans here!


Daddy brought her a basket full of flowers when he came home from work—she was so full of joy!


Decorating her cake


Cake designed her cake…she wanted chocolate cake with yellow frosting to represent Aslan. We spent the afternoon baking it together and then she decorated it with various sprinkles.


American Girl books!


Opening her necklace from Amie and Boppa.


Chemistry set!!!


Birthday dinner


Katie chose her dinner: breaded and baked chicken, steamed carrots, roasted broccoli with roasted cherry tomatoes, and mashed potatoes. And apple cider, of course!


While waiting for dinner to finish cooking, Katie and Eric played “school” with Boppa. “School” is kind of a big deal around here—they play it even when we aren’t homeschooling!


Eric laughed wholeheartedly at a game Boppa was playing with him. A child’s laughter is so pure…


Playing with presents




This was the first year that she could read her birthday cards herself!

Happy 5th Birthday to my Baby Kate! I will love you forever and ever!