A favorite time of year…


Walking around the straw bales today…


A magical world… Eric loves this tractor, which he calls his “motor beep.”


With you, my heart finds eternity…


We watched The Nightmare Before Christmas (one of Katie’s favorite movies and a gift for her birthday) and carved Jack Skellington from our white pumpkin.


A couple of days ago, Eric lined up all of his Hundred Acre Wood buddies and played blocks while Katie and I were at the market gathering ingredients for her birthday dinner and our Halloween feast.


Tonight: a festive and fun evening with BearCub Buddies! Our hostess, Erin, threw an amazing party! We all had such a blast! The energy of twenty-seven kiddos is awesome and fun. Here, Katie and Eric painted their mini pumpkins with glitter paint.


Glitter body paint in a snowflake design!


Superheroes, knights, ninjas, queens, princesses, dinosaurs!


A courageous Narnian queen (Lucy) with a sword!


Eric rides a “neigh.”


Caramel apples and spiderwebs.



We’re so thankful for this season, and for the chance to develop friendships! We hope everyone has a happy Halloween tomorrow!