“May you have warm words on a cold evening,
A full moon on a dark night,
And the road downhill all the way to your door.”

-Irish Blessing


Although we have still been dealing with sniffles and a soap allergy (Katie had a bad rash, but it was fixed within in 24 hours), we like to focus on what is going right over here in the McGaugh household.

For the most part this has been a productive week. Katie had to miss choir on Monday due to sniffles, but we were able to make it to gymnastics this morning. We’ve had two outings to the Old Town Community Theater, created art, kept up with our core studies, have been dedicating our history this week to studies of St. Patrick, found treasures at the library, and spent warm afternoons in the sprinklers.

It’s been good.


tissue paper

Attempting a new technique: transferring color from tissue paper onto watercolor paper


shamrock juice

“Shamrock juice”: spinach, green apple, celery, and Bartlett pear



March afternoon



Family date night: enjoying the CYT production of The Wizard of Oz


new crew cut

Eric’s new ‘do: his first crew cut



After a week of studying Monet and the Impressionist movement, Katie and Eric used tempura and textured brushes to make a “Japanese Bridge” project



The final “Japanese Bridge” projects… The bridges were taped with masking tape, which we pulled off after the paint dried


cuddly babies

My two snuggling babies with their books…our nightly reading, cuddling, singing routine is my favorite.


On Sunday afternoon, Katie and I went on a mother-daughter date to see one of my brother’s friends and former orchestra-mates Katherine Ortega play the bassoon. She was accompanied by piano, and it was lovely. Old Town was bustling, the weather was perfect, and we ran into many people we knew—including the sweet and generous couple who own the property that was our wedding venue so long ago! Even after all of these years, MaryAnne still remembered so many of the most significant details of our wedding!


kandinsky circles

And from a couple weeks ago: working on Kandinsky circles and color wheel theory




Finished Kandinsky circles


In other exciting news, we have our flights and room booked for our summer trip to the huge Reuben Yoder reunion in Indiana. Can’t wait to celebrate my Amish ancestors and ancestry for a whole week. My aunt and cousins are coming also, and I found out they have the same flight and a room next door to the suite we’re sharing with my parents. So much fun!