Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, who is one of the most conscientious and kindest people I know. She has been an example always of family loyalty and love and when I think about how we create family narratives, I think of how essential she has been in giving me the heartstrings that bind me to my aunts and uncles and cousins.

little s 001

My mom and me at our Yorba Linda house, somewhere in the first half of 1980. (I was born on one of the last few days of 1979).


So blessed to have a daughter who worked hard to make a memorable and loving Mother’s Day for me. While I was out for my run this morning and then while giving myself a pedicure, Katie planned and made my breakfast for me. She needed just a bit of an assist from her daddy  but not much. She had heard me talking about needing potassium from a banana for my legs, and so she cut up a banana for me. Sweet baby. She also made a card and set out my current favorite morning tea (black Irish tea).


We enjoyed Mother’s Day at Nana’s house with our cousins and aunt and uncle and grandparents. My aunt put it best tonight: we are so lucky to have so much love in our family. Bill pondered it, too, on the way home as he expressed how fortunate our children are to spend Mother’s Day with three other generations of mothers. These are precious years, to be sure.


Pinwheels and Peter Pan: with my little ones on Mother’s Day 2013


My family is my treasure


We brought a tea party to Nana’s today! It has been our tradition to go out to tea, but we thought we would make memories at home this year and let our four kiddos have some space to play. Aunt Debbie, Mom, and I brought fruit, scones, tea sandwiches (chicken tarragon; cucumber and cream cheese; goat cheese, toasted walnut, honey, and apple; ham raspberry; and egg salad), and lemon bars and brownies for dessert. Delicious!


Nana opens our gift


Four generations



I was honored beyond words to wear this gift from my sister-friend Lauren today. It is a bird’s nest with three eggs in it to represent Katie, Eric, and the little bird that flew away too soon before Katie was conceived. Wonderfully thoughtful and deeply symbolic. Such a perfect, perfect present. Thank you, Lauren!


I love you, my firstborn girl


Nana gave us all beautiful hanging plants for our gardens.



I love you, my son

These people—my whole family—are the reasons why I go to bed thankful every night. Happy Mother’s Day!