As I sit here, quads almost gloriously trashed, listening to 90s music, and sipping my rooibos tea, I think I will let our pictures do most of the narrating this evening. Has there ever been a lovelier springtime?

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Eric climbs Nana’s tree, the same one I used to climb

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Today we took a 3.5 hour hike around the Santa Rosa Plateau to enjoy the meadows and wildflowered hills on our way to see the last of the vernal pools. I got my workout, for sure. Eric hiked most of the mileage in, and then I carried him most of the mileage out.

I had a 7.5 mi run this morning, as well. Yesterday was a fast 5 miler with 3 out 5 miles nicely sub-7:00. Coach-husband had a feeling that if he switched my long run day to Monday this week and gave me low mileage on Long Run Sunday that I would decide to push myself hard on the fiver. He didn’t tell me to do that, but I think he sensed it, whereas I am more hesitant to go at tempo on Mondays after long runs. I miss my 8-10s, but I am already starting to gear up for the April 26th race, and he wants mileage on either side of the 10K without doing a 10K right now.

So among those two runs, the hours of hiking today, and our traditional Sunday walk and picnic yesterday, my quads are feeling amply worked. Tomorrow is my rest day. I used to rue absolutely my rest days, but now I am learning to rest well, which is important. I also find that, if I am working my legs hard enough, they actually crave their rest day.



‘Tis the season for fun springtime crafts! We used some of our chicken eggs to make natural planting cups for some bean and grass seeds. We will see what happens!



Eric made his “S is for sheep” page for his alphabet book, and Katie joined in. Who doesn’t love making thumbprints with tempura paint?



Bubbles at the park during our picnic this week



Fearless explorer Katie




What I look forward to on Sundays… This week, we played the best game of “spaceship.” Their little imaginations are so incredible, and we made up a whole story together on the play structure. We had the engine room, the thrusters… We landed on an alien planet… The story was quite complex. On our way to our second park, we extended the plot to include everything we encountered. It is renewing to get to be a kid again for a few hours, you know?


Katie threw Eric two un-birthdays this weekend with cakes she invented herself. Yes, we played the appropriate music for it!



Backyard playtime and more bubbles!





More art! We made crayon and watercolor resist Easter eggs. Ever notice how relaxing it is to work on a project all together and just create? It is a time for talking, sharing, and experimenting.



Our most recent addition to our bedtime routine: looking out at the stars and night sky from Eric’s window. We love our bedtime routines and moments, the coziest time of the day. One night we spent close to an hour talking about the cosmos and identifying objects and imagining being in a rocket ship. I remember looking out my nighttime window with my dad a few times when I was young. It is a magical memory with him. The kiddos have been asking to do this every night—except tonight, since they were conked out from the hike (well, Katie made it through two chapters of her book with me, but she was almost conked, and Eric was out for the count).



And in BIG news this week: Katie won a special award for the story she entered in our charter school’s writing contest! The Imagination Machine picked her story, and some others, to be performed at the assembly. So much fun! I had a story of mine picked for the same thing in 4th grade, and it is so neat to share this with her now. She was so surprised and thrilled (I kept the secret for weeks after admin notified me), and seeing her stand on stage with her award was a big moment for me as a parent, not because it represents any achievement of mine, but because I relished seeing that pride in her face. I want to teach her how to be proud of herself, as well as of others, and I want her to get a taste of this achievement and to hunger for more so that she will push herself from within.

So that’s what we’ve been up to, in part, this week! Our extracurricular classes resumed, and we’re back on our full schedule here.

Hm, somehow my iTunes went from playing 90s music to playing The Nutcracker soundtrack. Love it, but I think this is my cue to call it a night!