“The sky’s awake, so I’m awake…so we have to play!” exclaims young Anna to young Elsa in my favorite film of the year, Frozen. There are so many layers to this film, both historical and literary, and it has become so interwoven into our lives here at the McGaugh house over the past many months. At any rate, the quote above is one of my favorites: I often think of it when I am popping out of bed to run and getting ready to live the day fully.

A couple of weeks ago, I happened to ask my mom if she and my dad had watched their copy of Frozen yet. She said she hadn’t, and that she was hoping it might be a film we watch all together and that she could experience with the kids. We made tentative plans to watch it together…

…and then, in typical overachiever fashion, I decided that I wanted in on some of that awesome Frozen birthday party Pinterest action that has been going on for months. I’d been seeing pins for the most gorgeous birthday parties. Why not a viewing party? I pinned a few inspirations but wanted to tailor our Frozen party to both a more modest budget and, more importantly, to our health. All of those beautiful colored sugar sprinkled marshmallows, snowball cake pops, and teal dipped Oreo cookies are gorgeous works of art, but we needed dinner options that fit the McGaugh lifestyle. What to do?

After looking at pins with Katie, we decided to concoct one dish inspired by each big character and to use what we already had around to decorate. Good thing most of my china is in silver and blue and white patterns (I registered, at the time, for intentionally mismatched sets, but all in the same color palette for an eclectic, modern twist to the formal table).

Throwing a viewing party for a favorite film is a bit of a production, but why not? As the movie asks, “Why have a ballroom with no balls?”—I mean, right? I am a big believer in making magic for magic’s sake. If we have the desire to make the commonplace a little more special for once, I say go for it!


“There’ll be magic/There’ll be fun…” (For the First Time in Forever)



“Some people are worth melting for.” (Olaf)



With Queen Elsa and ready for our viewing party!



“Here I stand/And here I stay/Let the storm rage on…” (Let it Go)



Kristoff’s blueberry mint fizz: club soda, Gatorade, blueberries, mint




Sven’s carrot, raisin, and apple salad. When it came to the dressing, I thought about carrot cake: it is olive oil, lemon, Vietnamese cinnamon, and freshly ground nutmeg


Elsa’s icy trifle: Katie and I made vanilla cake and dyed it royal blue. Then we made vanilla pudding and dyed it teal. We layered those two items, then topped it with whipped cream, unsweetened coconut, and blueberries.


Anna’s frozen hearts, served with Greek yogurt and honey dip





“The cold never bothered me anyway!” (Elsa)





“Can I just say something crazy?”
“I love crazy!”

(Love is an Open Door)



Olaf’s snowman pizza! I actually made two of these guys.




“Our mental synchronization/Can have but one explanation/You and I were just meant to be…” (Love is an Open Door)



“Oh, the sky will be blue/And you guys’ll be there, too/When I finally do/What frozen things do in summer…” (In Summer)



Eric enjoyed his dinner!


“Love is putting someone else’s needs before yours.” (Olaf)

After dinner, we all watched the film together in the family room. My parents both enjoyed it, and my mom commented on the powerful love between the two sisters. Frozen has so many beautiful messages an such well-rounded and evolving characters, and every time we watch it, the kiddos and I find something new to discuss about it. Sharing it with two new viewers was fun for us!