My Katie and my Eric, I am so grateful for both of you. What a beautiful day we had celebrating our lives together.

Mother’s Day 2014 started with a 10 mile run for me. I figured I would do five miles to commemorate bearing Katie, and five miles to commemorate Eric. I celebrate the transformation of my body into a new kind of machine, and I often draw upon the endurance and joy involved in carrying and giving birth to my two children without pain medication when the going gets rough during training. I figure: if I can feel full labor, I can make it up some hills and/or hit the anaerobic state of pain without too much complaining, you know what I mean? Part of Mother’s Day for me, also, is to celebrate my freedom as a mother to design a healthy lifestyle for all of us; to have my body not only back, but better than it ever was before kids; and to have the time every morning to get my physical and mental business together and keep my business together so that I can mother these two people to the best of my ability. Taking care of others starts with taking care of ourselves, I fully believe and practice that philosophy. In a sense, I have to mother myself in order to mother my littles.

I tried to get up super early to get the run done before they woke up, and that was a successful mission (10 miles at a 7:13 pace average). I had promised that we would bake blueberry muffins for breakfast, and so I wanted to be here right when they came downstairs.

photo 4.PNG


Although we used to bake almost daily, baking now is a special treat. We used a healthy recipe that we found online from Skinny Taste, only we omitted the 1/4 cup brown sugar (what the heck? totally does not need that at all in my opinion), used the 2 TB agave in the recipe and a little bit of honey. So delicious! The blueberries we picked last Saturday were luscious in these! I rarely have muffins, so this breakfast felt incredibly decadent. The kiddos and I had so much fun making them together.

Then I opened presents: a handmade card from Katie that was so thoughtful and sweet, as well as a picture, some running clothes including a Disneyland racerback for my 10K there in August, and a tin of Alice in Wonderland loose leaf topsy turvy tea. I may or may not have had a bit of a hand in picking some of this out. 😉


Before heading out to Nana’s for lunch, we packed up some eggs for our neighbors to leave as a secret present today. We know that they lost their only child in a car accident several years ago, and so a day like today must feel extra sad and painful. We thought maybe we would send them a little bit of love anonymously and left the eggs on their doorstep before running back to our house.




And then there was a Mother’s Day photo shoot…




With my firstborn: you made me a mommy. I am still trying to be worthy of you.



My people

photo 1-3


With my pensive boy at Nana’s house

photo 2-3

They are getting so big already! I love entering this new phase of childhood with them so much.


photo 3-3


We had lunch and a party at Nana’s with generations and cousins and laughter and play time and flowers and delight. Last June it seemed as if we might not get to celebrate another Mother’s Day with Nana, but she is doing so well right now, and I am just so thankful that we still have time to make memories with her. I do not take them for granted. The men took the kiddos outside, and we had a chance to visit all together for a bit, which is such a treat these days!