Bill and I celebrated eight years of marriage today in a low-key, mid-week kind of way. We watched our wedding film, although for various reasons it grows more difficult to watch every year, including that we are so aware of how many of our loved ones we have lost over that time. Yet the other side of that: realizing that it marked a time in my life when so many of my friends had just married or were about to get married, and that now there are babies and families and careers and adventures.

After work, Bill came home and my mom helped us to commemorate the occasion with a few family photos, and then Bill provided dinner, we exchanged letters (actually, a specific assignment that Katie had us write about how we support each other in achieving goals), and reflected again on our vows (which we wrote ourselves). Bill’s plan is to live forever, and my plan is that I am married to him for always, even should anything happen to him, and will never take off my rings. He is my one and only, my true love. His very existence inspires me to be my best self.

photo 1 copy

Eight years ago…and today…


photo 1


Pinwheels in the afternoon

photo 2 copy

Dancing to “Something” (Beatles) eight years ago as our last dance…and dancing to “Something” this afternoon (Katie and Eric’s idea).



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Just married…and eight years in…

photo 3


I carry your heart with me, always…

photo 4 copy


Um, nope! And nope again!

photo 4


What eight years can do… (Also: I am wearing the same flip flops I wore during our last dance and to leave for our honeymoon).

photo 5


Bill was in charge of dinner. We really don’t like going out to eat if we can avoid it (for various health reasons, but notably because of the inability to control calories or ingredients closely), so Bill brought home fruit salad and our favorite protein bars. Yes, we are weird, silly, and quirky at our house, and I love us. We put it all on our special wedding china: even protein bars can be classed up, yessir! The kiddos were over the moon about a dinner that seemed like dessert, ha ha!

I love this guy, with all of myself. I would marry him again, every time.

I love you, my William. Happy 8th!