On Saturday morning Bill, the kiddos, and I drove early into Los Angeles for a Father’s Day brunch at Google’s Venice Beach office. An invitational event for Glass Explorers, this brunch offered a chance to Bill’s family to attend a Google Glass event. We were treated to a delicious meal and then had the opportunity to test Glass related prototypes and software. We met with Glass Guides as well as other Glass users. All four of us had a blast, and there is something so comforting about hanging out with other sci-tech lovers.

All of the Google employees were friendly, mellow, smart, and humorous and made us all feel so welcome. The receptionist took extra time with Eric to make his official pass just the right length and to talk with him about a really neat-o piece of art (screwdrivers welded together) in the lobby. Eric asked her a bunch of questions, and his curiosity seemed not only welcomed but celebrated. When all the children present decided to build a huge fort out of the ginormous G-O-O-G-L-E pillows and big stuffed rock pillows, their creative play felt honored instead of feeling like a nuisance.


In this collage: 1) Google employees seem to eat quite well. I appreciated the healthy options, as well as vegetarian options. Noted also: many of the Glass Guides and several of the explorers seem to prioritize running, triathlons, and the like; 2) Our family by the “Google doodle” wall. 3) Checking in!




Big GOOGLE pillows! Everyone loved these. They were so comfy, too!



Transhumanist basketball? Among other prototypes, we tested Glass equipped with software that communicates with a chip in the basketball. After you throw, the software analyzes your performance. Glass then orally relays to you what you should attempt in order to improve.


I am a wearable tech enthusiast but do not currently own Glass myself. Bill received his for Christmas and wears his Glass all day, every day. I would welcome a pair but only when the price point matches how frequently I would wear them. My lifestyle with my children is so dynamic—wrestling, tickle fighting, constant snuggling/hugging/kissing—that I fear mine would break if I wore them all day. I view Glass much like I view my pearls: something I would put on for certain occasions (travel, for use with physical fitness software, going for a walk, any event in which I might not want my head down in my phone but might want access to ready information). After playing around with some stuff in the works, though? My imagination started going wild with the potential for Glass. It is not just a smart phone at eye level. Imagine chips in running shoes…with the ability of Glass to coach you based on data about your stride, say. Glass could become a performance enhancer. What if we could put sensors on our fingers and use Glass to learn to play the piano, or any instrument? I cannot wait to see where this tech goes. It is a bit cumbersome still, at this point, but I would not be opposed to getting an implant in my eye…


After Google we went down the street to the Santa Monica Pier for one purpose only: Eric has been remembering and asking about the viewing port on the pier ever since our February visit. Last time, the tide was not up enough to see through the port. He has been desperately wanting to see it and asking all kinds of questions about how the pier was constructed (I am now partially learned with respect to this matter, ha ha!). So to the port we went! He said it was better than a movie and that he wanted to watch and watch and watch. I love his engineer-esque mind. So inquisitive, he wants to know how everything works.


From there, it was onward to UCLA, Bill’s alma mater. Although it seems we have visited Stanford several times, we had not yet taken the kiddos to UCLA (and it has been on my to-do/wish list). We happened to hit graduation this weekend, which was even better: the campus vibe was celebratory, and Katie got to see intelligent and hard-working, gorgeous, bright-eyed women in their gowns and stoles right at the moment of honoring their academic accomplishments. Could not have been better timing with respect to the message we want to send loud and clear to our kiddos…



Father and daughter looking out over Janss Steps across to Sproul Hall, where Bill once lived.



I love UCLA—was thisclose to attending it myself, had hard decisions to make!—and could see both of our children loving it here someday. In another universe, I chose UCLA and loved it…I can feel it! If only we could have every experience we want to have, but that is not to be… Will Katie or Eric one day be a Bruin? We shall see!



My UCLA guy with our children and Royce Hall in the background.

Then today we celebrated with my dad:





When I asked Eric and Katie how we should celebrate, Eric championed a barbecue. So a classic barbecue it was! Very laid back and easy and a time to cherish being all together. We even had a watermelon seed spitting contest, but that was a summer bucket list item and therefore will comprise its own short post one of these days. (Do you know how difficult it is to find a non-seedless watermelon these days? Yeesh)!

We had an excellent weekend, and I hope the men in our lives felt totally loved and honored. Happy Father’s Day, to my dad and to my husband. We love you both!