We are in the season of festivals—music, Shakespeare, Midsummer’s Eve—and a time of barefoot frolics and flower crowns. Everywhere the world gives up her daisies, if not the bright yellow ones then the small whites amongst the grasses. Although I am 34, I had never made a daisy chain, let alone a daisy crown. In our quest for a simpler, old-fashioned type of summer, learning how to make a daisy crown seemed to fit our summer bucket list. I had a daisy bush at home that I planned to use for this activity, but when we found ourselves in a field of small white daisies in Ashland, Oregon, we took the opportunity to make a memory.

Ashland is a magical place, and we passed through for a few days on our recent road trip. Katie and I saw two plays, while the boys entertained themselves at night after a family dinner. During the days, we wandered the town and Lithia Park. Katie and Eric scootered all over the place, we shopped for presents for family, we indulged in lattes and chocolate, played in Lithia Creek, and attempted to make friends with the deer.

To prepare myself to make a daisy crown, I watched this tutorial. Have you ever made a daisy chain? I was prepared for it to be more difficult, but the stems seem to hold up well. I am definitely eager to try making other daisy projects!



Daisy crowns in the land of Shakespeare, summer light, deer, and old stone fountains. I think I found my quintessential hangout place, aside from Disneyland, of course. One cannot help but notice that most people at the sprawling park have books in hand… Anyway, we felt like summer fairies here.


My Miranda on our island with a handful of buttercups for the wild deer and her daisy crown. (Yes, we saw The Tempest that evening).



Katie spots three deer. In the quiet of the morning before anyone is awake, the deer are plentiful and peaceful along the green. There are plenty of trees in which they can take shelter, and I saw many on my run in Ashland. In the late afternoon, as well, they come out in all their graceful glory. We have even seen them meandering through yards. To live in Ashland is to live among these soulful-eyed creatures, as though in an enchanted forest. Katie loved them and spent a great deal of time observing them and trying to mimic their sounds.


Eric runs with the deer on our daisy-crown-making afternoon.







With my boy before we made daisy crowns. He was my little helper, collecting many of the flowers for us.

Ashland, oh Ashland, how I wish I could visit you more often. You restore my imagination; you are a place of whimsy and poetic living…and a place where daisy crowns not only make sense, but also seem to grow from the earth and waters.