Is it even legitimate to be posting summer bucket list items at this point in the year? Probably not! I’ve got a bit of a backlog, but it does appear that we are rolling steadily and quickly into autumn here. We’re on the 3rd official week of school (although we started slightly before that), we’re looking for the least hot weekend to pick apples this month, soccer season has started, and Eric and Katie have decided on Halloween costumes (anyone know how to make a swan costume? On the to-do list this weekend is to figure that one out; fortunately, I have several ideas). Pumpkin has also been broached, though not through the PSL—which I swear to goodness won’t cross my lips until October. And the Long Beach Half is a mere four weeks away.

So summer is beginning to be a memory—a lovely memory—but a memory nonetheless.

Months ago, Katie and I decided to learn a few hand clapping games together as part of our summer bucket list. We actually learned three, well, kind of three. Two for sure. The third one still gets a bit tangled at the end and that is the primary reason we never got around to recording it and posting it on YouTube.

Anyway, we learned “Lemonade Crunchy Ice” first, and Eric recorded this for us at the Rose Haven. You can hear him say, “Yay!”

Next up was “Hot Dog” and Bill captured several takes for us at home. We chose this one.

Our third clapping game is “Eenie Meanie Sassaleeny” and we’re using a tic-tac-toe clap for it. We’ve also been working on “Bim Bum.”

It’s all simple, old-fashioned, connect-with-each-other, no-tech kind of fun. If one or both of us have the wiggles while waiting somewhere, we play one or more of these hand clap games, and the time passes more quickly. Eric isn’t doing the claps yet, but we’ve practiced the rhymes so much that he can chant Eenie Meanie Sassaleeny on his own—often more precisely than we can!

There are dozens of clap game tutorials all over YouTube, if you have interest. Our favorite teachers have been two young ladies who posted years ago through on YouTube. Here is their version of Bim Bum. They have several different clap game tutorials. We’d love to learn all of theirs!

Happy clapping!