How do we gather and create our own joy? How do we write our own stories? By what process do we discover our authentic voice?

Visiting Stanford

In front of Memorial Fountain at Stanford

I am a teacher, entertainer, four star general, and nurse: in other words, a mom. After many years of a fulfilling career as a high school English teacher who loved being in her classroom with her students, I now stay at home to home school my two young children (Katie, age three-and-a-half and Eric, almost one year) and also work as a freelance editor. My philosophy is simple: find the magic in the ordinary, laugh whenever possible, and embrace the joy that was meant for you. My blog is equal parts home school lesson plan ideas, commentary on grammar, celebration of wonder, and pictures of my children—because I want to gobble up their adorable little faces. They are the ultimate birds in my hand, as I seek to be grateful for the beauty in my life that is right in front of me.